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Contest Winner

I’m sorry this so late. I am having trouble with the site today. I am such a compu-dunce. Sigh…

As you have seen from Edmund’s pictures on Saturday, we had a blast at StellarCon. We also picked a name from the hat for our basket of goodies.

Emily Pea Fairy, you are the winner!
Let’s hear it for Emily! Yea!!!!
Emily email me offline so I can get your mailing address.

Back to your regularly scheduled post. This is about some specifics relating to PR. It’s just bits and pieces of things, nothing cohesive because my brain is fried after last night!

Not a big party with too much of everything. No. Rather …

Last night, I did something that all writers are asked to do at some point – I was the special guest at a live chat. It was blast. I usually turn down live chats because of my typing. I have what is called a familial tremor, and while my case isn’t bad, it does get worse with time. My fingers now type of out of order. My PC is set to autocorrect my most common errors. Live chat isn’t. But this was a special case, and I was *not* going to say no to this request. (it was from 10pm EDT to 12mn at ). These ladies are book fans—no! They are BOOK FANS! When they fall in love with a writer, character, series, story, they go bananas over it! They tell their friends, they promote the books, and they are so very nice. The chat – while totally fun – was also exhausting. Which explains the fried-brain thing and my inability to be coherent today! I’m Zombie food. But it’s part of being a writer.

Second –

PR is expensive. You want your PR dollars to go where they are most useful. Planning far in advance can save a lot of money and time (which cannot be recouped) in the long run. If you are getting a book out to the agents and editors, it isn’t too early to be jotting down notes for future PR.

Third –

From my PR person at  The Author Pro  a bit of advice for tracking online traffic about, me, about my characters and my books:

Why another set of stats? Different stats packages will track different subsets of numbers. Some will catch referrers that others won’t. Some give a little more accurate data on certain kinds of numbers. That sort of thing. I usually like to use the general two stats packages that come with the server, verify with Alexa a bit, and then, only if I really want to dig for the numbers in more detail, use a Google analytics account to back it all up and get more info. FB and Amazon have their own stats data, which we have to reply on to trickle us little bits of info. I’m not keen on what numbers / data either one provides. It’s not enough info.

Track and verify, verify, verify marketing numbers. Always. Never trust one source. Nobody has total market coverage, saturation, and depth.  Not. One. Single. Company.   Never hire a company that uses only one source for that data either (to buy ads from them or otherwise use them). I don’t care what they tell you! If you’re buying from them, always look at their numbers. They owe you that.

I’ll admit that I have no idea what she is saying from a math standpoint. She tracks my numbers, and streamlines my PR efforts–that I know. I am doing a lot more PR work right now, making sure I am keeping up with what she needs, all this so that I get to do less work and more targeted work down the road when the systems are all in place and all she has to do is monitor and tweak.

Fourth –

I am talking to a book club tonight. I don’t do many of those at Faith, but this one is for Gwen. (I’m taking along Faith’s boots and clothing to show them the difference!) Do I recommend book clubs for fantasy writers? No. Online book clubs and fan sites are the way to go!

And last – book trailers are growing in importance. Our own Todd Massey at made these for Mercy Blade at a very reasonable price.

And I have a lot of thoughts how to make the one for Raven Cursed really jump off the screen.

If it sounds like I’m hawking the people I work with, well, in a way I am. They are dependable and efficient and honest. And they understand stuff I don’t. When asked for a recommendation, I give it, just like I’d say Buy AJ’s Will books or Misty’s MadKestrel. I know a good thing when I see it.

That’s all folks!



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  • Congrats Emily!

    Faith – the site was giving me errors, too.

    The chat sounded neat, for all ten minutes that I was able to tune in. (Darn time zone differences.) And The Author Pro site looks interesting. Definitely a keeper bookmark … for eventually. I hope. *runs back to WIP*

  • If it sounds like I’m hawking the people I work with, well, in a way I am… just like I’d say Buy AJ’s Will books or Misty’s MadKestrel.

    Sounds like the YA Mafia is at work again!! 😉

    Congratulations Emily!

  • mudepoz

    Congrats Emily! Sounds like Christmas in spring:P It was fun last night. Well, until the dog got sick. What nice, incredibly protective of you (I am still trembling from being scolded about the not), group. They REALLY know your characters. Your narrator. Your timelines. There are some books they’ve recommended that are going into my TBR file, so they are effective. *Going back to her growth chamber*

  • Three cheers for Emily. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! And one for Magical Words. One!

  • YAY! I don’t usually win stuff! And you guys make me feel like I actually had something to do with winning. I’m looking forward to Con Carolinas even more now! Woo hoo! 🙂

    Faith> The chat last night was fun for the few minutes that I could be there! I’ll try to be at the next one!

  • Julia

    Faith, have you ever tried using dictation software? I have several colleagues who swear by Dragon Dictation, which I believe can be used with any program. Just something that might be worth looking into, if you haven’t already done so. If you’d like more info, let me know and we’ll figure out how to discuss privately.

  • Sorry I haven’t responded. This is the first time I have been able to get back online today.

    Laura, Pea Emily — thanks about the chat. It was wonderful! I have another one, same time, same place Thursday — tommorrow.

    Dave C — Our enemies get horse heads in their beds. (Not really.)

    Mud — they knew Jane better than I do! Honestly! And they read widely.

    Julia, so far, the PC correction is working. Except in urgent type-times like the chat. But yes, I know about DD. My best friend uses it, and so does Stuart. I may have to go that way some day, but for now I’m okay.

  • AAArrrrgggghhh! (I’ve written this twice and the page crashed both times!)

    Congratulations, Emily! Nice haul of goodies, too!

    Faith – I don’t think anyone types well in chat. I know I don’t!

    Re the post – What’s scary is that I understand the numbers stuff more than I do the PR stuff! Right now, though, I’m trying to relearn the short story markets and guidelines. Things have changed a lot in the last ten years!

  • Lynn, I can scarcely keep up with the changes — which is why the PR company. I have too much RL to keep up with it all. I’d love to be rich enough to hire an assistant, but I’ll have to make do with the once a month housekeeper. LOL

    I think Todd got the site fixed! YEA TODD!

  • Congrats to Emily, and thanks, Faith, for the recommendations. At some point in the near future I need to begin my own PR blitz. This will be helpful.