Conning the CON — at ConCarolinas 2014



ConCarolinas is coming up soon.

What does this mean for MWers? A lot of our usual fun stuff, and some changes.

First, MW is playing its usual huge part in the writing track there. We will also be doing something special for writers, similar to the seminars of 2013, given by David B Coe, Misty Massey, and me. This year, we will be doing one seminar on openings, and two, personal, one page crits. Here’s how it will work.

The initial seminar will provide info about openings and the importance for an opening of a story or novel to provide all necessary writing devices to end up with a bait and hook for the reader. Then for seminars two and three, we will do what others have called “Live Slush Pile.” A famous author (one with a beautiful voice) will read aloud from the first 300 words of *your* (anonymous) work. When one of us hears something that would make him or her stop reading, that person will raise a hand. When all three of us have our hands up, the reader will stop, and we three will discuss the work, providing criticisms and suggestions. No one will know who the writer is, unless you tell. Everyone will (hopefully) learn from each piece of work.

To be included, you will need to provide, to David, Misty or me, on Friday evening :

The first 300 words of your work in standard professional format, along with a working title, the genre, and the approximate length of the finished work (if available).

Second, there will be no MW lunch this year. In 2013, the numbers of attendees for that lunch were upwards of 75, and that became so unwieldy that it was more trouble than fun.  So it will be lunch with each other, which I heartily suggest that you all arrange, and if we are free, maybe some of the MW regular contributors will join you. 

Third, the usual MW party is ON! But we aren’t sure which night, since no one has final schedules. We’ll announce closer to time, Friday or Saturday night. The room number and time will be announced at our tables on Friday, so come by and find out the info. As usual, there will be sweets, treats, and some basics like beer. If you want something different, please bring your own. There were requests for colas, chips, fruit, and cheese last year, and if you want something, please feel free to provide it! Our hostesses are providing space and some basics. Yes, it’s BYOB. 🙂 

And LAST – if you NEED A RIDE FROM THE AIRPORT, or if you are local and can PICK PEOPLE UP AT THE AIRPORT, please say so in the comments. We will try to make sure this is handled, or that people have taxicabs to share, if not.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!



12 comments to Conning the CON — at ConCarolinas 2014

  • sagablessed

    YAHOOOEEEEE!!! My first CC! I feel like a kid in the candy store.
    So many authors, MW friends…OK, moving on.

    I am sad there will be no MW lunch, but I do plan to make time for private lunches when possible.

    I am SO going to the readings. I learn so much from things like that. (note to self….notebook. A couple. And a pen. Remember the pen, dummy.)

    If anyone can pick me up at the airport, please let me know. I do not have a final time yet, as my reservations will not be made until next week. But if you might be able to, let me know here or in private message on Facebook. Most likely Thursday evening or early Friday morning.

    I am so excited to see those of you have met before, and to meet others in person for the first time! Fun, learning, and friendship. 😀
    See you all there!

  • ajp88

    I’ll be there! Looking forward to a great time.

  • Leann

    Super excited!
    How do you recommend getting the first 300 words to you for the slush pile reading?
    Looking for to it!

  • Sounds like it’ll be a good time. Trying to get our finances back in order, so we won’t be there, but next year is a different story. After all, I’ll need to sell my wares by then. 😉 Too bad on the lunch, but with that many people wanting to attend, I get it. Have fun!

  • Saga, it will be fun! When you have a flight scheduled, let us know.

    AJP, it is always a blast!

    Leann, the writers have tables in the hallway. Just ask when you sign to pick up your badges and they will point you right to us. Give the pages to Misty, David, or me.

    Daniel, you will be missed! I look forward to the con you can attend!

  • Can’t wait! 🙂 We’ve got so much planned for the party. This is going to be an interesting year, and hopefully memorable (in a good way).

  • Pages for the Live Action Slush Pile can also be handed in at the start of the panel, since we won’t be looking at them ahead of time. 🙂

  • Razziecat

    Can’t do it this year, but it sure does sound like fun! I’ll be interested to hear how the Live Slush Pile goes. If it’s both fun and helpful, maybe you’ll do it again next year and who knows…I might be there 😉

  • I’m hoping to make it this year, but just found out I’m scheduled to teach that weekend. Now to put my negotiating skills to work!

  • Pages for the Live Action Slush should be handed in at the beginning of the panel — don’t give them to us, because they really do need to be anonymous, at least at the start of the exercise. We’ll have a pile. Do NOT put your names on the pages.

    It’s going to be tons of fun. Looking forward to it.

  • Janet Walden-West

    I’m picking up a couple of troublemakers at noon-ish Thursday and have room for one more.

  • Tdancer2

    Yay! I’m coming! I’ll be driving down, so I’ll see everyone at the panels, the lunch (hopefully) and the party.