ConCarolinas 2013.


Was amazing. Fun. Harder than any ConCaro before. Less relaxing than any before. More emotional than any before (and that part for reasons I can’t quite articulate). Too many panels. Wow. They really worked us! The three MW seminars were *great,* but were held in rooms that were waaaay too small — standing room/sitting room-on-the-floor only. But David and Misty and I shared what we knew and the Q&As were terrific. (Someone got a pic of me snarling at David. I think he probably deserved it. LOL)

We had a fantastic MW lunch on Saturday at Boardwalk Billy’s. 52 people attended! There were several parties. And for me, Mom and her bestie and my bestie were there, which means responsibility that always goes beyond the usual Con responsibilities . David B Coe had his daughter there. Schlomo came to visit for a good one liner. (Inside joke.) Misty had her family. AJ Hartley, Carrie Ryan, Stuart Jaffe, and John Hartness, Kalayna Price, James Tuck Jr., and Edmund Schubert were all there, along with some of our part-time posters like Gail Z Martin. I know I have forgotten people because I’m fuzzy brained. There were Bunches of MWers–too many to even try to name!  Having so many MWers there and so many of my own Beast Claws there meant lots of people!  Yeah. It was amazing!

Oh. Beast Claws: My street team (AKA active fan club). They PR Jane Yellowrock and her books. They came to support me and to meet new authors to read. And that was so nice of them! Most went home with lots of books or lots of e-book titles to buy later.

Anyway.  It was fun and intense and wonderful. And as busy as my days were, I missed doing so much. I missed just sitting around visiting with friends. I missed going to meals with friends.  I missed communication cues with pals. (rolls eyes) I missed my dogs who were at home with the sitter. I spent too much money in the dealer’s room. And would have spent more if I hadn’t been so busy with panels!

Oh. And the interview: WFAE .  Which was just strange. I have no idea how the reporter picked me. And I tried to share her with the other writers. Sometimes it’s just luck. Just pure luck.

The best part of the Con was the new stuff I learned about digital PR, internet films, blogs, ITunes, and IPads…  I learned so much! If the MWers who were there learned half as much, you got your money’s worth! It was lovely.

When I left at dusk Sunday night the MWers who were still there were already talking about next year.  They were making advance reservations because George RR Martin will there next year and the Con will have to limit reservations. Likely there will be no pass-purchases at the door and reservations might be closed early.  Here is the site, and if you plan to come, sign up for the summer rate. And make your reservations at the hotel. It will be sold out fast.

And as I drove off, some folks were talking about hosting a Magical Words writers retreat. Anyone have thoughts about that?

Anyone want to comment on the best thing they learned or did at ConCarolinas?

 And, hey, if you have Con pics and can figure out how to post them here, do so! I am opening the comments to you guys. Talk to me.

Now I am home and the Hubby is painting the writing room, we are waiting on the floor guy to finish the new wood floors, and waiting for the new tile for the kitchen. Lots of waiting. Lots of fumes. Lots of stuff going on. Deadlines. Oy.

Next post will be about something more writerly. Like endings… Or rewrites. Or something Schlomo. 🙂 

Faith Hunter

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  • A Magical Words writers retreat would be amazing, even if it were nothing more than an excuse to hang out.

  • I’d really love to get up to ConCarolinas some year. So many of my favorite people all in one place…much like Dragon*Con!

  • sagablessed

    I would love to attend CC, and plan to next year.
    “And as I drove off, some folks were talking about hosting a Magical Words writers retreat. Anyone have thoughts about that?” Umm…..heck YES!

  • It was a terrific weekend, though way too busy. I hardly had any time to spend with friends, which is one of the reasons I go. As for the snarl, the photo I remember is the one where I’m looking at Faith like she’s nuts . . . 😉

  • Yes, count me in for the MW retreat. I would *so* go for that. (TBPH, the writing panels are the only things I attend at ConCarolinas, mostly because I’m learning so much great stuff there!)

    Already got tickets for next year (for myself and two other regulars). Will work on booking the hotel early again, too … but today registration opens for SIWC so that’s where my money’s going this week. 😉

    As for the best thing I learned? Too much to choose from! The panel on endings helped me figure something out for one of my projects, and getting a chance to chat with Carrie about the Plot Structure Chart was *very* useful. The discussion about the Future of Print was fairly sobering, too.

  • Ken

    I’m totally up for a MW retreat. The CC writing panels were awesome and informative (even the really late ones :)) I’m already turning some serious thought to going next year.

    Best thing learned? I’m still digesting everything, but the Writer Beware panel got some of the most “You need to check this out later…” notes to myself.

  • mudepoz

    Make that unanimous. The weird thing about the MW is that we GET along! It’s weird, I don’t even get along with good friends @@. It was great, except that in Faith’s amazing interview there was a Mickey Mouse sound alike on crack. Why the interviewer kept her in is beyond me,

    I have to mention something that the MW group did for me that still makes me smile. And a little appalled. We went out to the Bad Dog and me, being as airheaded as usual, thought it was just a coincidence when other friends suggested the same place. We had a great lunch, and Laura, erstwhile roomie and MW notetaker leaned over to yell at me.

    As I waited to get scolded for something, a VERY LARGE CAKE was deposited in front of me. Did I mention it was VERY large. As in, it came in a 400 dog crate (that would be dog speak, you’ll have to look it up if you want to know what size that it) from Tennessee. It was delicious, turned Laura’s teeth green, and we had so much it wasn’t even finished at the party.

    Oh, why the cake? Did I forget to mention that my stupid story about an egotistical basset familiar,’George Knows’, was accepted by MuseItUp? Yeah. Small press with a great reputation. Guess I’m a MW graduate. This is going to be an interesting process. I’m learning about street teams and promo just in time to promote George. It’s a lot harder than pimping other people’s books.

  • WHOOT! Sharon Stogner of I Smell Sheep took some pics. I got ALL of them edited in!!!

  • [jealousy at all the fun I missed out on. Looking into next year’s calendar!]

    Congratulations, Mud! Well done!

  • Oh! And yes, to the MW retreat.

  • Vyton

    Faith, I will eagerly crawl out from under my rock for an MW retreat. Absolutely. Can’t wait. Great pictures. Thanks for posting them.

    Great going, Mud!

    I guess whatever that is in the last picture must have been pretty scary.

  • It went by faaaar too quickly. And I totally forgot to take any pictures at all!

    One of the best things that happened to me at con this time around was meeting Kandyse McClure, the actor from Battlestar Galactica and Hemlock Grove. I was sitting at my table Saturday afternoon, daydreaming and waiting for my panel time to roll around again. In the ballroom across from me, Kandyse was doing an interview panel. Suddenly it occurred to me that she would be an absolutely wonderful Kestrel if they ever made a movie. I cast my stories in my head all the time, just for fun. So I shared the thought out loud to the people nearest me, and suddenly they were telling me I should go talk to her. Kalayna pointed out that I had nothing to lose by giving her a copy of my book. If she liked it, she could share that with all her fans. I waited until she was in the hallway, approached her and told her about my book and how I thought she’d play the part wonderfully. I asked if I could give her a book, and she was excited about it. Which was pretty flattering, let me tell you. I signed the book and gave it to her, and she thanked me with a hug.

    Nothing may come of it – I’ve done this once before, with James Marsters, but no result. But hey, you never know what might be a good move. And at least this time I remember what I said!

  • Mud, congratulations! Great news.

    Reading this and seeing the pictures made me take a quick trip back to Bittercon, but also renewed my focus on making sure my schedule works so I can attend next year. And I’d love an MW retreat.

  • ajp88

    I’ve always wanted to attend one of these and thanks to this post (and discovering how cheap the early passes are) I am now registered! Is it 2014 yet?

  • Oh, dear, the party planning for next year has already begun. 😀

  • quillet

    What Vyton said. I’ll crawl out from under my rock too!