Hey guys, since we don’t have a post today, I am taking a poll:

How many will come to ConCarolinas?
And how many want to do our annual MW lunch on Saturday?

Show of hands??? Cause I need to make a reservation if you guys want to do lunch!


11 comments to ConCaro

  • Count me in for both! I’ll be there all weekend. 🙂 And once again, there’ll be a MW party in me and Mud’s room on the Saturday night, to which all are welcome. Can’t wait! 😀

  • ConCarolinas is this weekend? Well, phoo. I guess I could check for distance, and figure out how long it would take to get there from Huntsville, then see if there’s a hotel room available anywhere in the area…

  • Lyn – No, it’s not until the weekend of May 31st.

  • So, so sorry about no post. Mea culpa! It’s been a crazy day, but I’m working on it now. “How not to Write like a Psychopath.” Stay tuned.

  • Laura – thanks! That makes planning a bit easier. I did check for distance – a mere 7 hour drive. I’ll have to check my schedule; if it falls on one of my three day weekends, I just might show up!

  • No. Again. Sadly. Economy has crushed our chances of going pretty much anywhere this year. Maybe when I’m published next year. 😉

  • Hmmm. It looks like only a few. I think a reservation might be silly…

  • Faith – this post was late in the day and quickly lost in the shuffle. Maybe try asking on FB? Because if I recall correctly, the lunch has only gotten bigger, not smaller, over the years.

  • Laura, that was a good idea. I’m up to about 20 now. I need to reserve a room. Yup.

  • Okay all — The restaurant required a credit card (to hold the room). This means I had to give them a number of attendees. So I am taking names. If you don’t sign up, you may not get fed. Just sayin’. Let me know even if it’s the Thursday before CC.
    And so far, I have Laura!

  • drgnhlr

    I’d like to be there for the lunch, if that’s still possible? Will be there at the con, all weekend!