Hey all.

This is the last time I’ll post this.

RSVPs are closed. If you HAVE to get in, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

The MW lunch at ConCarolinas is on Saturday June 1, from noon to 3 pm in Boardwalk Billy’s (across the lake from the hotel). I had to post a credit card note for the room, so if you are not on the list, you may not get in. If your plans change, let me know ASAP, so I can adjust accordingly. I am upping the reservation to 40 to cover the names.

So far (names shortened for privacy)  we have:

Laura T and Melissa
Margaret C and Steve L
3 Gilberts,
Judith and Melanie, 
Sharon S,
Emily L,
Lee WW,
Joyce and Lynn,
3 Masseys and Jan,
David and Daughter,
Wayne McC,
Janet WW,
Theresa G,
Gerald and Angela,
James Tuck,
Tiff Clark and guest. 
Hubby and Faith.
Larry plus 3.
Carrie Ryan and Hubby
Aj and Son
Diane SS
Carol M.
Allison Sing.
Heidi and Michael 


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