Blog in Two Parts: Deadlines, and PR for Newbies


Yeah, I know. No correlation in subject matter. But, I’m going for it anyway.

Part One: Manic-Deadlines Update

In case you may have forgotten, I claimed manic-insanity in my last post. Since then I’ve gotten some sleep, thank  God!) gotten some moments pain-free after my fall (I did tell you guys I’d been in pain?) and gotten most of the deadlines met. I found a publisher for the rest of the English-language rights publication of Cat Tales, negotiated that with Lucienne Diver (agent) launched Easy Pickings with Catie Murphy (in PDF only) from our websites with Paypal auto downloads. We are now ready to launch it from Kindle and Nook as a e-book. Cat Tales is out and is doing very well. {Squeeeee.}

My other NYC agent has sent out a manuscript and is awaiting replies. I’ve shopped hard and either  made or bought my Christmas presents to give, visited with family and some with riends. I’ve sat through Mom’s difficult eye surgery—which was a success, hough she is still in a lot of discomfort. With my cowriter Christina Stiles and creative-genius Mike Pruette, I’ve put together a Kickstarter project for the Rogue Mage Role Playing Game and World Book. The first draft of book 6 in the Jane Yellowrock series was started and finished last week. Oh. Then there’s the PR:  I’ve blogged and been interviewed about the January 3 release of Raven Cursed. And I’ve worked full time at the lab. It’s been manic, hectic fun.  😆

Unfortunately, I’ve written very little. I suppose I should feel guilty about that. I don’t. There are times when writing goals have to be slid to the back burner and allowed to simmer there, carefully contained in the pressure cooker of my brain. Oh, wait. Yeah, I’ve been hard at work on the Rogue Mage fiction pieces that will be going into the RPG. I have about 5 more to
do, which I will try to finish this week. On Monday, I’ll start Jane Yellowrock book six. So far, all I’ve written is a love scene, which was actually already written and cut from book 5—Death’s Rival.

Sadly, I’ve been too busy to take any good rivers, but the pain in my back from the fall would have prohibited that anyway.

I feel that this is going to be a frenetic, demanding, and amazing year. And now that I have hit my stride, I am actually loving it all—the pace, the deadlines, the hard hours. I’m a Type A personality, so adapting to stress is second nature to me. Which, I guess, is a good thing. I like where I am, if not the pace of my life right now. Knowing ahead of time, that it was going to be a hard 18 months, has made it easier, and I knew that when I signed a  contract for 3 three books in those 18 months. I am now halfway through the difficult times, with nine more months of crazy ahead. I’ve used some of the organizational techniques learned here at MW to prepare and to deal with the lifestyle of a modern-day writer. So, thanks MagicalWords! You have helped me immensely.

Part Two, PR for newbies:

If you sign with a NYC publisher, you will have a PR person at your publishing house. Find out from your editor who that person is and contact him/her. Ask who they will send review copies to. Get them to send you a list. Then, for the online sites to whom the publisher’s PR department will send review copies, go to them and start looking around. See who the reviewers are. See who reviews the stuff you read and write. Email that person. Ask that person questions (all they can do is say no to questions). But if they are nice, ask if you can send the galleys to them personally. Then contact the PR person and get them to add the names or *attention to* for the online sites.

Ask PR person if you can add to the list of copies they will send out, and if so, ask how many. Then start researching online review sites not on the pub’s list, and read the reviews. Pick out the ones you like, who are not on the list, and send them requests for reviews. You will need mailing address and name of any reviewers you want to send hard copies to. Many reviewer sites accept E-files. Be sure to ask that and your pub can save on books and postage. They will like that!

Do a Google scan for character interviews and writer interviews and read how to do them, and what questions get asked. Then create a few templates for each to have ready. If you are funny, then be funny, if romantic, be romantic. Be yourself in the interviews you create.

Lastly, there are blogs. Research blogs and find the name of the bloggers. Offer to do an interview or a guest post. at , search for character  interviews and PR.

Go to my site and look at how to do a media page. (Warning: m y site is undergoing a rebuild, so it may be messy.) Set up a media page on your website.

Make sure your website is *very* Google-searchable friendly. It is worth the money to hire a private a PR person (one with good web experience) look it over for advice.

Start all the research now. Once you know when your PR person will send out ARCs or galleys or e-files, you will know when to start contacting the online people you have chosen in your research — a month to 6 weeks before that mail-out date — so you have plenty of time to get the names and addresses you have gathered to the PR person at your publisher. It’s time consuming and tiring but not difficult.





6 comments to Blog in Two Parts: Deadlines, and PR for Newbies

  • Cindy

    Thanks Faith.
    Part one was interesting and part two helpful. An elf told me I am getting a Kindle for Christmas, so I will be sure to pick up Easy Pickings.

  • mudepoz

    Another to save in my look-at file for the future. Perhaps another book from the blog because I’m likely to lose the file.
    More interesting PR. I received an Amazon email that has the RC announcement. Along the bottom, rather than the other JY books, are the Rogue Mage titles. Are we going to see Thorn again? Looks like Amazon may think so.

  • Comfortable chaos! Glad to hear everything is coming together and working out so well. And thanks for the tips. Like Mud, I’ll file these away.

  • Cindy, thanks. Dontcha just love elves!

    Mud, the RM series is still selling briskly, after several years. ROC included the frist chapts of BloodRing in the back of Raven Cursed, so yeah. There’s some chatter. 🙂

    Laura, I can’t say enough how important about the necessity of a website created with Google in mind. You want people to be able to find you easily.

  • Congrats on all that you’re getting done, Faith. Exciting times, and well-deserved. And thanks for the fine advice in part II. I know a guy who has a book coming out in July; I think he might put to work some or all of your suggestions….

  • David, yeah, I’ve read that guy’s book. It is outstanding. 🙂