Applauds Wildly, and Contest with Today’s Post


Morning Y’all.  I haven’t had my morning tea, and I while never grumpy in the morning, I am bleary eyed. So forgive me that this isn’t *quite* as early as my  posts usually are. And I will promise to spell check as I already see 6 misspellings. Sheesh…

First this morning, I want to say kudos (wild applause) to all the people who responded to Misty’s post yesterday. While I believe that anyone who can finish a story is a writer, ( if you can build a wall you are a bricklayer) until you go through the rejection process, and accept your knocks, you are not a professional writer (just like you can build a wall in your own yard, but until you make a customer happy with the wall you build for them, and get paid for your labor, you are not a professional bricklayer.) You all understood that important point — until you get knocked down, get up, get beat on for a while, and then win the money, you are not pro boxer. Until you get tackled on a football field, and get paid for it, you are not a you are not a pro football player. Being a writer is just the same. And you knew it! Whoowhoo! Good for you!

And second (no, they have no relation to one another at all!) we have decided to host our very first contest here at MW. As you know (unless you have been buried under a rock some place {or just discovered the site, which would be really cool!})  we put together the first How to Write Magical Words: a Writer’s Companion . It has done well for a How To book that doesn’t have as subject matter magical sex or magical weight loss, or how to find a magical pot of gold, and the reviews are excellent, so we want to share the news of it, and this site, with others. That is the focus of the contest.

Starting today, and running until next Wednesday, the contest is as follows: You must follow the (easy-peasy) instructions and post two out of five of the following, to be entered into a drawing for a free How to Write Magical Words, a Writer’s Companion, signed by all of us us (yes, I said all of us!) and anything else any of the writers want to throw in. For instance, I am throwing in a signed set of the three Jane Yellowrock  books. See below what some of the others may toss into the box. And hey — they don’t know about the toss-in part. I’m surprising them. (Waves to MW contributors.) What do you have to do to win this box of goodies? Follow the directions, and post two out of the following here:

1. Post a link to this site on your FaceBook page
2. Post a link to this site on your Twitter page
3. Post a link to this site on your personal LJ, blog, or web site
4. Post a glowing review on GoodReads (or other excellent review site)
5. Post a glowing review of the book on Amazon (if you already did that, that counts)

Your two posts must be done before next Wednesday. And then post here in the comments what ones of the five you did. Like this:

1. I linked on my FB gage
5. I placed a 4 star (hey 5 star would make us even happier!) review on Amazon.


2. I linked on Twitter
3. I linked on my LJ site.
4. I had already posted a review on Amazon. Go me!


4. I posted a review on GoodReads
5. I posted a review on Amazon.

We will place a name in the hat (at StellerCon) and draw out the winner — to be announced here the first Monday after SC.

See — easey-peasey. We get a tiny bit of promo, and you get free stuff.
So. Who wants to play????


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  • Dave Carlile

    I’m among the “just discovered this site” crowd, but I’m in.

    – Linked on my facebook page
    – Linked on Twitter

    Haven’t finished reading the book yet, but I’ll do an Amazon review once I’ve completed it.

  • Yeah Dave!!!! Whoowhoo!
    Who will be next to enter into the big MWHT and surprise pot of gold … er … books!?!

  • Happy to throw in a hardcover copy of THE SORCERERS’ PLAGUE (or another of the Southlands books if the winner already has that one — their choice).

  • This is AWESOME! I’m so excited. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to win… 🙂

    – I posted a link to on facebook
    – I posted a link to the Amazon page for ‘How to Write Magical Words’ on facebook
    – I posted a 5 star review of ‘How to Write Magical Words’ on Amazon

    *I know the second one wasn’t on your list, but I did it anyway. I’ve found the book extremely useful!

  • Faith,

    I’m in!

    I’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve also had a link to this blog from mine since ~ 2009. Not that I get much traffic, but hey, links are links.

    Edward contacted me late last year for permission to include some of my comments in the new book which of course only heightened my interest. I haven’t yet laid hands on it, but I’m eager to read it.

    Thanks for posting this and for nudging your blogging peers into offering some additional swag! 🙂

  • Jamie


    I did the following:

    1. Posted a link on Facebook
    3. Posted a link on my personal journal

    It’s not a LJ journal, but I hope it counts.


  • I ust realized I typed ‘Edward’ instead of ‘Edmund’. :$ Sorry Edmund! Hopefully, any of my other typos were discreetly edited out.


  • Sweet. Never need an excuse to mention Magical Words or the book, but since you’re giving one… 😉

    – Posted a link on Facebook
    – Posted a link on Twitter
    – And just because, I posted a link on my blog site (which is linked on my name here…for anyone that might wanna follow me…too much spam, not enough readers…)

  • A couple of quick but important points to add/update the contest info. The signed copy of the MW will NOT include Catie (C.E.) Murphy, who is in Ireland (and as much fun as it sounds, I doubt Faith is flying to Ireland any time soon). We’ll also need a wee bit o’ time to get AJ to sign the book, as he’ll be out of the country at the time of StellarCon.

    Having said that, I’ll happily throw in a copy of the anthology “From The Asylum: Year 3” which has one of my short stories in it.

    Faith, Do we want to divy all this loot up between several winners (maybe three), or just make one person VERY happy.

  • mickey098z

    -I posted a link on facebook
    -I posted a link on my tumblr blog
    -I’m going to a writer’s workshop this weekend and I promise I’ll put in a good you all.
    Thanks you!

  • 1.I posted the link on facebook (which I’ve done before, too)

    2. I posed a 5 star review of the book on Amazon (and it shows I bought it there too.) I also review “Act of Will” on there as well.

  • This blog has been one of the best writing resources I have found and I’ve been reading it for a few years now. I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’. I’m happy to help promote your book and this blog.

    – Linked on my Facebook page
    – Linked on Twitter
    -5 star Amazon review
    -You are linked on my Blogroll

  • 1. Posetd a link on my Facebook.

    2. Posetd a link on my Livejournal blog.


  • I’ll throw in a signed advance reader copy (ARC) of Will Power. Very hard to get hold of. One day it will be worth a fortune 🙂

  • I’ll be happy to throw in a signed copy of Mad Kestrel, along with one of my limited edition bookmarks and a copy of the Dragon’s Lure anthology. 😀

  • Edmund, thanks for the time and the Catie correction. See what happens when I start typing before a mug of tea?

    I think this first contest should be a big one. All the goodies for ONE lucky winner! And I will pay postage to anywhere in the world. 😀

  • 1. Don’t have a FaceBook page. Had one; didn’t see the point.
    2. Don’t have a Twitter page. Had one; didn’t see the point.
    3. Have made several links to specific posts on this site on LJ.
    4. A glowing review of what? this site? the book? something else?
    5. Haven’t read it

  • This sounds like fun, but I haven’t received the book yet. I did post about it on Twitter and Facebook and I added this link to my blog under links I love on The Eclectic Artist Cave. I would love to participate…when I have the book in my hands. Thank you

  • Well, I can’t be left out!! I’ll throw in a copy of the anthology Rum and Runestones featuring short stories by myself and Misty! I might even persuade her to sign the copy at Stellarcon!

  • What a great swag of loot! …

    … I commiserate Faith, we had a mini power outage in my building this morning and I didn’t get my morning cuppa tea until midday! Grrrrr

    … Anyhoo, I’ve had a link to this site on my blog since I started it in August last year .. I figured that since I visit here every day, it was the neighbourly thing to do.

  • Bugger! … just read the post I have to do two things… humph … better get back at it then!

  • Sarah

    Done and done!

    1. I posted a 5 star review on Amazon. (Did this a few weeks ago actually.)
    2. I linked to MW on Facebook and mentioned the book.

    Hooray for contests! (I kind of like the idea of picking three or so winners too. Share the wealth I say!)

  • I’m up for the challenge!

    1. I posted a(nother) link on Facebook.

    2. I tweeted.

    3. I blogged about it on my public LJ.

    5. I already posted a review on Amazon.

    Well, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad. 😉

    But given that I own all the books in question, if I somehow magically win the draw, I’ll make sure to pass them on to someone who’ll enjoy them.

  • OK… did it … 3 and 5. My blog, and a review on Amazon.

    **makes space on bookshelves for all potential loot**

  • The copies I own, I mean.

    *facepalm* And I thought double-checked that HTML. Ah, well.

  • This is fun. I think we’ll have to do contests more often and soon! Hmmm. Edmund, we need to sign more than one MWHT copy so we can do more than one contest!

  • Yay. I like competitions and I like the internet, so an internet competition is cool.
    On my blog
    And on Facebook (but that’s private because it is my personal one, not my writer’s one which I haven’t made yet, but will soon).

  • Judy B

    OK kids, I’ve done my 2 requirements!

    1. I posted on my Facebook page.
    2. I did a 5 star review on Amazon.

  • Fireheart1974

    Well, in my case, I…

    posted a link on my FB which is private but I’m fairly certain most of ya’ll are friends there.

    posted a link on my LJ (

    (And though it doesn’t count, ya’ll are also listed on my links for my website!)


  • Alan Kellogg

    I. . .

    1. Posted a link at Facebook.

    3. Posted a link at LiveJournal and Mythusmage Opines

    . . . and blatantly cheated. 🙂

    I did all this by posting at my blog and using a WordPress plug in to post at LiveJournal and a FaceBook feature to auto-post the essay there. See how easier it is to follow the spirit of the rules while blatantly violating the spirit? 🙂

  • Alan I want that WordPress plugin. #simplifying

  • Mikaela

    …. WordPress swallowed my comment. *headdesk*
    All right. Here we go again.

    I did 2 and 3 🙂

  • admin

    Todd Massey here –

    As webmaster of MagicalWords I would like to pitch in to the contest.

    I have detailed marketing videos that when combined are easily worth over $100 if purchased.

    I will toss in step by step videos on how to install and set up your own domain and install WordPress so that you can run your own website powered by WordPress.

    I will also include videos on social marketing powerhouses Facebook and Twitter with step by step video instructions on how to properly set these mediums up and utilize them to increase your marketing potential.

  • Todd, this is *wonderful*! I think your offering makes this the very best contest *EVAH*!

  • jgiddings

    – I posted a permanent link in the Cool Places section of my blog, over on the right side… (and it will stay there, too)
    – I tweeted it.

  • DizzyMia

    Linked in Facebook
    Linked in Twitter
    Linked in LJ
    This contest seems like so much fun, best of luck to everyone.

  • Yodamom

    I linked on FB
    Reviewed on Goodreads
    Reviewed on Amazon
    Plus I reviewed on Shelfari
    All 5 star ratings, I loved it.

  • 1. Linked on Facebook
    2. Tweeted

    Yay!! for contests.

  • 1. Linked on Facebook and

    Plus, I’ve linked to the site a few times in the last year at the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror yahoo group email list.

    You guys and gals rockity rock, rock.


  • freedomstar57


    1. I posted on my Facebook page.
    3. I posted on my Livejournal site.

    I’m new to the commenting here. I maintain a fantasy blog too. I’ll post to there when I get time. I love your blog and plan to read your book.


  • Alan Kellogg


    The plugin is called “Journal Press” and you can find at at’s plug in page. Works with any LJ powered site.

  • Alan Kellogg

    A correction to my original post. I meant to laud adhering to the letter of the rules while violating the spirit. What can I say, I’m aspers, mistyping is a calling of mine. 🙂

  • I’ve completed:

    1 – Although my FB page is restricted to friends-only. I hope that’s okay.
    2 – The same message was posted to FB & Twitter. (My tweets are public, though.)
    3 – You’ve inspired me to put a new sidebar widget on my review blog with links for both readers and writers (I talk about a bit of both).
    4 – Review posted at GoodReads:
    5 – And same review was cross-posted to Amazon. Should be up within 48 hours.

    I plan to do a full review on my blog as well, but February is a busy month for me. Maybe next month!

  • btyler711

    I’ve truly loved this site since I started following just a few weeks ago and I have already got the book and it is wonderful ya’ll. It’s definitely a pleasure to share this treasure with others.

    I have:

    – Posted a link on my facebook page
    – Posted a link on my blog
    – Gave a 5 star glowing review on Amazon

    Keep it up MagicalWords and I’ll keep reading and writing! Thanks for everything!

  • BTW… To add to my list I also mentioned the book and the blog in my latest blog post.
    Shouldn’t you all add the book to your recommended reading page?

  • Linked on Facebook AND Twitter, and will be mentioning in my next blog post (I think it’s time I mentioned my attempt at writing in my blog!). Great site by the way, to an untrained writer these articles are a goldmine.