A Day in the Life Of…


It is my day to post…and all I can think about is how *not* ready I am for this season.

Between deadlines (which is a horrible word, you know? Brings to mind hanging nooses) and health issues (I promise to *not* bore you with the details like an 80 yr. old) and family stuff, I am just nowhere near ready. No gifts are wrapped, half aren’t even finished, no food is cooked, and frankly I have already told my family that they get IOUs for the holidays and will get presents in a week or so. No longer bah-humbugging it, but just so far behind! Fortunately, my family knows me and they think it’s funny, even the kiddies, who already mimic the adults by shaking their heads, because it happens every year this time. Not the IOUs but the behinder part. So I thought I’d share something about meeting deadlines and still finding time to write—like my schedule for one Wednesday this past month, which was a pretty typical (not today, as today included breakfast at Mom’s with the entire family and gift and IOU openings.)

  • 09:00 feed dog, give him his insulin, make a pot of tea. (The tea is for me, not the dog. I mean, Dinkums is not that spoiled.) Today I choose Green Tea Lemon Drop. Yummers.
  • 09:30 – 10:00 do email, check MySpace, FaceBook, and LiveJournal sites for both of my current pennames, Gwen Hunter and Faith Hunter.
  • 10:00 – 10:10 talk to an agent while doing one of the above personal blogs, typing quietly so he can’t hear that I am multitasking (It’s rude, you know?)
  • 10:10 – 10:20 run upstairs for a quick cleanup. I’m not a girly girl, so cleanup is fast: face wash, brush teeth, maybe a hint of makeup if I happen to look in the mirror and scream. Strip the bed, put a load of clothes in the washer.
  • 10:20 – 10:30 call writer friend about tea tomorrow at Starbucks, straighten kitchen while chatting, take out supper stuff to thaw. Drink more tea.
  • 10:30 – 11:30 revise www.magicalwords.net blog (which I wrote earlier in the week) and post.
  • 11:30 – 13:30 (1:30 pm for the nonmilitary minds) revise the writing from yesterday, ending up with two extra pages of text I found I needed. This time it was dialogue between Jane Yellowrock and her Beast. See Skinwalker, to come out in July 2009.
  • 13:30 to 14:00 lunch. As usual, I forgot to eat breakfast so I am *hungry*. Make a gallon of iced tea. This time it is Golden Monkey, a yummy, chocolate flavored tea that is scrumptious iced. Like Jane Yellowrock, I am a tea snob, so it’s really great tea, and I drink a *lot*. While eating, turn on the BBC for news, check in with FOX and CNN so I get a pretty spin-free viewpoint. Check in and answer if needed at www.magicalwords.net.
  • 14:00 – 16:00 work steadily on new text. There is something wrong with the magic system, and I fix it as I work, and then Jane (who is a hunter of rogue vamps) gets to kill a young, insane vamp, which is really cool. Except that as I write, it turns into two vamps, and she needs help, and I get to discover these really cool characters (former Marines, ooh rah) who are going to be part of the next book, which is a delightful surprise. I turn out about 5 more pages at +- 275 words per page. That is fast for me. I usually write about a page and a half an hour, so a 6 hour day nets me about 9 pages. I don’t look at word count. I know a book has to be 340 pages to be 114,000 words, which is what I aim for, as I write *really* dense prose. Satisfied, I take a break.
  • 16:00 – 16:25 recheck email, answer phone calls that I ignored while writing, including mom, who talked for two minutes leaving a message, but who will still need to tell me it all again in a personal call that will last long enough for me to put on a new load of clothes and stick the previous one in the dryer, sweep the kitchen floor and pull out the vacuum cleaner. Point it out to hubby. Hint hint.
  • 16:25 – 17:00 remember that we are out of milk. Make a milk/bread/lettuce run to the store.
  • 17:00 – 19:00 write some more, turning out another 3 pages, for a total of 10 today. Not bad for 5 hours of writing. In the middle, I pause and do some yoga stretches, because I’ve done nothing but sit today and my body is frozen in immobility.
  • 19:00 – 20:00 cook dinner and work on a necklace I’ve been playing with. I want to add a central Y with lots of dangly pearls.
  • 20:00 eat with hubby. He’s been upstairs all day, directly over my head, maybe 9 feet and a floor system between us, and I’ve seen him all of 30 minutes today. We eat, talk about our day, and walk the dog if it isn’t too cold. I don’t time supper. It’s family time. I learn that hubby mulched the leaves off the lawn, took my truck for gas, made a post office and bank run, took in our recycling, and made two business deals. He’s as busy as I am, poor guy!
  • 21:15 check email, FaceBook, MySpace, and answer anything needed on www.magicalwords.net. Look over websites (yeah, I have to keep up with two, www.gwenhunter.com and www.faithhunter.net .) Check calendar. Send out emails. Tidy up for tomorrow.
  • 22:40 take Dinkums up to the master suite, where I shower, put the fresh sheets on the bed, fold clothes, and let the dog fall asleep on his blanket on the foot of the bed. It’s his treat for being so good while I ignored him all day. Hubby is still at work across the hall, so I clean the bathrooms, read, flip channels, and try to clear my mind for sleep.
  • 23:45 still awake. Letterman and Leno are on, and my mind just spotted a flaw in today’s work. Sigh. I make notes on the bedside pad for things I need to fix in the morning. Hubby takes dog downstairs to his own little bed, and joins me in ours. We finally fall asleep a little after one.


Well, there it is, in all it’s dullness. The average day in my life. Nothing glamorous, not much exciting, except on paper.




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  • A Day in the Life Of...

    Do you and Hubby “IM” each other during the day from your respective floors? We do! HOW lazy can you get??

    Your day sounds rather familiar. We of course take time to laugh at the antics of the cats and the dog!

    We also try to “Walk” to and from work every day. Since we both work at home, we decided this was a good way to get some exercise and since we live on top of a hill, it ends up being a pretty good workout.

    Happy Holidays!


  • A day in the life. I should try doing one of these eventually, but I’m afriad of what I’d find. Too much wasted time, too many breaks for a game of this or a check of my favorite web sites. Better to live with the illusion that I work hard…..

    Thanks for sharing, Faith. Happy holidays!

  • Linda Moss

    thought this was great and very enjoyable. Look forward to more from you. Keep us posted. Thanks