It’s the Fourth of July. It’s also Making Money Monday. I’m supposed to be giving you tips for making money as a writer, but it’s been a tough week. So I’m just going to offer some less-than-pithy comments and suggestions in totally random order:

  1. Try not to eat too much holiday food at one time.
  2. Remember how divisive politics are and how fragile peace is.
  3. Put on sunscreen several times a day if you are partying outside.
  4. Our nation was built on the concept of freedom, but also on the blood of war and death and revolution. (See number 2.)
  5. Read directions: One end of the fireworks should be pointed away from you. Also, keep them out of your pants.
  6. Don’t drive buzzed. And that includes boats, SkiDoos, and ATVs.
  7. Too many deviled eggs can give you a really bad … uh … digestive upset.
  8. Hug those you love. They may not always be around.
  9. Homemade ice cream is the best. I happen to like vanilla.
  10. Stop today and find something about the USA to be grateful for. Our country is pretty whacked. But it’s still a really great place to live.

Happy Fourth,


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