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Five weeks from now (March 4 – 6) most of the Magical Words crew will be at StellarCon, in High Point, NC, and we’d love to see you all there. Check out StellarCon’s website more general con info. If my memory serves correctly, AJ will be out of town (and the whole country, for that matter), but Stuart, Faith, Misty, David, and I will all be there. In fact, the con’s program director gave us our own Magical Words panel. It’s tentatively scheduled to be held on Saturday at 11am, but things do tend to change at the last minute at conventions, so don’t etch that in stone quite yet. We are also looking into hosting a Magical Words lunch right after the 11am panel (yes, the I told you not to etch in stone), but if things work out right, we can do the panel and then go to lunch directly afterward. Anyone who’d like to come along for the ride is welcome; the only requirement is that you either donate a vital organ to dying child, or pay for your own food and drink (your choice, but seriously, if you donate a vital organ to a  dying child I will be MORE than happy to pick up your lunch tab). We’re also looking into holding a How To Write Magical Words book launch party Saturday night, but I’m still waiting for the hotel people to get back in touch with me regarding the availability of suites.

Speaking of How To Write Magical Words (did you like how smoothly I segued into that?) the first review is in and it doesn’t suck. wrote:

“If you love to read science fiction/fantasy/horror, you may have also given thought about one day writing it… There are many books on the market to guide your paths, and they are of varying degrees of value. Stephen King’s On Writing is one of the best I’ve read, but there’s one I read recently that I feel is even better, and more helpful… How to Write Magical Words: A Writer’s Companion, edited by Edmund R. Schubert.”

Read the full review at:

And lastly, I have a writing tip for you. Well, actually it would be more accurate to say that I have a tip for all you writers out there. And I’m serious about this (I know you find that hard to believe, considering the source and everything): go join a gym. If you can’t afford a gym membership, buy a couple of free weights. If you can’t afford to buy some weights, buy the biggest cans of vegetables you can find and use them (and then eat them later on). But a gym would be best, and frankly it doesn’t have to cost more than the price of three or four trips to Starbucks each month, so make one fewer trip to Starbucks each week and you’re good to go. The reason I’m advocating this is threefold: 1) writers tend to stay in their own little spaces and we all really need to get out and interact with the world more often; 2) physical exercise has been scientifically proven to be the best thing you can do for your brain. The extra blood flow carries more oxygen, feeding and stimulating your braincells in a way that nothing else can; and 4) (I’m a writer; I don’t have to know how to count) when you hit the best-seller list and have to do 46 bookstore signings in 32 days, you’re going to need to be in great shape to sustain that pace and still write in the evenings so you can get your best-selling sequel in to your publisher on time. You laugh, but the truth is, the extra energy you have from working out will make a big difference in your productivity levels.

One more lastly item (I told you I couldn’t count), for those of you who can’t attend StellarCon this year, most of the MW crew will also be at ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC, the first weekend in June (3rd through the 5th). Misty is the one who will be absent from ConCarolinas, but AJ will be present, so it’s an even swap. Check out the ConCarolinas website for more info and details on that one.


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  • Ed> Yay! for the cool review! And I second the gym thing–or at least the workout thing. (I don’t go to a gym for lots of reasons, but I do the at home thing…). When I work out–even if it is just taking a long walk–it does help me think. And I wish I could go to Stellar Con, but, like AJ, I’ll be out of the country (in the same country he is, weirdly enough). StellarCon looks like fun, and maybe I can make it next year!

  • StellarCon is only a little hour up the road from Charlotte, so if you can get to Charlotte (which I know you can), High Point should be within reach, too.

  • btyler711

    Excellent review for the book everyone! I’m really looking forward to reading my copy when it arrives. Definitely wish I could make it to Stellarcon but maybe I’ll be able to swing by ConCarolinas to meet some of you!

  • Darn. I don’t suppose you’ll be having a similar panel at ConCarolinas?

    I agree about the gym. When I can make it (because my MS and I have a frequent dispute about whether or not I can go without endangering my health), it helps me sleep better, encourages the number on the scale to drop, and adds to my strength. And boy does it help me think.

    Congratulations on the review!

  • btyler – ConCarolinas is always a blast. Hope you can be there.

    Laura – Don’t know about panels at ConCarolinas; most cons don’t plan panels that far in advance. But we can always ask, eh? And do your best to keep fit. I’ve got a wicked case of arthritis in my spine and the stronger my core is, the less my back hurts. Pretty simple.

  • Misty is the one who will be absent from ConCarolinas, but AJ will be present, so it’s an even swap.

    Even swap? OMG, I am totally the cutest one! ;D

  • Yes, and we’re swapping the cutest one for that amazing accent David covets so much. An even swap in my book.

  • I think I’m living in a different time zone, one totaly out of sync with this one. It’s tomorrow, already. Sheesh. Talk about missing the party.

    As to missing AJ and Misty,
    Hey — we’re losing one sixth of us each time. Our power will be down signinficantly, cap’n, and there’s nothin’ I kin do about it. (channeling original Star Trek)

    What that does to our magical equation, I do not know, but I’ll be there with metaphoric bells on.

    HEY! if you game, I’ll also be at RoundCon in Columbia in Feb. with Misty and Kalayna and Christina and a few others.
    Come visit!

  • Yes, and I’ll be at JordanCon in Atlanta April 15-17. Just sayin’… And, wow, if I could have Misty’s cuteness and A.J.’s accent, I could rule the world, particularly if I had Faith’s muse as my minion.

  • I just asked the muse and he’s all for it.
    I had to agree to buy him new pasties and a spangly thong, but he’ll be there. With bells on. Probably not metaphysical ones.
    So. What’s your expression just now…? I have a mental picture of it. 😀

  • I’m speechless. This is one of those moments when my ability to visualize is truly a curse….

  • mudepoz

    A hairy chest with Pasties? *EYEBLEACH*
    Hey, I’m doin’ my part advertising MW. Showed up on my FB page and everything. Although, I think the phone was a bigger draw. What can I say?

  • Unicorn

    How I wish I could be at one of the cons… Whoa, maybe not. If the Muse is gonna be there, I think I like having the Pacific Ocean between me and him… 😀 Seriously though, I am green with envy. Oh, and what a great review for the MW How-To! Congrats!

  • Thanks, Unicorn. If for nothing else, than for making the last ‘reply’ not be about hairy chested men with pasties. Oh wait, now I’ve… *sigh* never mind…

  • Aww! Was hoping to catch everybody at ConCarolinas. Ah well, I probably couldn’t have brought the drums anyway. 😉 We’re still planning on going.

  • I care for a recipient of two of those donated organs… does that qualify me for free water, at least?

    Wish I could make the Carolina cons this year – budget just won’t allow it…

    Great news on the Way Cool review! Go MW!