Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work I Go


How To Write Magical Words is in the homestretch: all of the interior material has been proofed and approved (which take five words to say – “has been proofed and approved,” but a LOT longer to actually accomplish); the front and back cover of the book are 99% completed (hopefully the final piece will be ready by Wed.); and the… well, actually, that’s about it. The inside of the book is done, the outside of the book is all but done, and the publisher tells me that once I’ve signed off on everything, it will take two weeks until the book is printed and ready for the world. My best guess would put that around approximately between roughly Dec.  22nd to the 24th (or so). Approximately.

The front cover has been tweaked since I last posted a link to it, and the back cover is now available for viewing as well. Both can be seen at: http://bellarosabooks.com/Magical_Words-xv.htm

Just keep scrolling down the page and you’ll see large-size images of the front and back cover.

That’s all from me today. Issue #20 of InterGalactic Medicine Show is supposed to come out next Monday or Tuesday and I still have a good deal of work to do. It’s a strong line-up of stories — from a sci-fi reimagining of the Christmas Story (by Orson Scott Card, no less), to the effects of a transhuman singularity on a small Polish farm — and the artwork is finally coming in, so IGMS is this week’s main priority. Oh, and I just remembered, I also have to write my letter from the editor. So if you’ll excuse me… it’s off to work I go.


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