Greetings, Magical Word family members. Since I missed my spot on Friday and apparently the rest of the gang seems to have fallen prey to the same  issue, I thought I’d take it upon myself to say “Hey” and “Sorry.” As in, “Hey, we’re all still alive and doing well,” and “Sorry we’re having so much fun at DragonCon that we seem to have dropped off the face of the Earth.”

I came home from DragonCon a little early to attend to some family obligations, but Faith, David, Misty, AJ, and Kalayna were all there when I left (on Sunday), meeting and greeting as many fans in person as possible. It really is a convention unlike any other, and if you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to go at least once. Just book a hotel room well in advance because the con hotels sell out really fast.

I’ll leave it to the rest of the gang to tell their own con stories, and hope those of you who were there (Wayne in one of the dealer’s rooms; Lauren, Lauren, and Raven in one of the hotel bars) will tell a few stories of their own. Just leave out the story where I take your cell phone and spent the night texting someone and pretending to be you…


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  • I was there! Huge Con! Couldn’t figure out where any of you were! Instead, I met up with Mike and Carol Resnick for coffee, the art show and auction, and walked so much my feet were really happy when I decided to head home. Sorry I missed you guys! I was really hoping to meet you.

  • Couldn’t find us? There were only 30,000+ people…

  • Wait, in ONE of the hotel bars?

  • Um, yeah. I’m pretty sure there was more than one bar in those hotels…

  • Mental note, meet MW gang at smaller con where there’s only one bar. Otherwise, slip a tracking device into somebody’s coat and have CCTV follow them everywhere.

    Hmmm… Instead of sounding like a super-spy, that sounded creepy. Okay, one bar. Junk the rest.


  • Mental note…check jacket pockets carefully after meeting Dave at con. *laughs*

  • Great seeing you, Ed. Thanks for filling in. I didn’t remember that I needed to post until it was way too late. Fun weekend overall, though a bit overwhelming. I’m pretty exhausted.

  • Wayne McCalla

    It was good seeing everyone there albeit very briefly at sometimes… Yeah with everyones’ schedules, including mine at the artshow. It was like hey there you are… Oops gotta run! And like normal most of the panels that I wanted to gt to conflicted with other obligations. Three major hotels with at least one bar a piece… I think Marriott had a couple more in their restaurants. So when you say to meet at the bar you have to get more detailed…

    And of course spent too much money on things I wanted… Books, tshirts, and few other things. And too much money I didn’t need, getting the car booted because they said I didn’t pay for my parking. 🙁

    Other than that had good a time. Weather was good for most part… Monday teardown of artshow a little rainy and trip home had showers all through Georgia and Tenneessee.

    Hope to see everyone at a con next year!

  • I don’t know about having (coherent) “stories” to tell–since I was having just a tad too much fun at aforementioned hotel bar–but they say a picture is worth a thousand words… and I have pictures, Ed. Oh yes, pictures. ;D

  • I’m hoping to post a “Things I Learned at Con” essay. To whom you should ALWAYS trust your cell phone when you’re too tipsy to return a text. Who NEVER to trust with a deck of cards when you leave the room. Whether Asian, Jewish, or Cherokee guilt really works… Who NEVER to interrupt during a panel.

    Also, how AJ knew exactly where to find us in a 30,000+-person convention, when we were not at the Yule Ball.