My gift for you


Merry Christmas! Happy Solstice as well.

I’ve been racking my brain for what to do on this day. I wanted to write something fun and light. I wanted to do a flash fiction. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with a sick son and trying to figure out what’s wrong (at the time of this writing, I’m waiting to hear when he’ll be able to get in to see a pediatric gastroenterologist). I’ve not been getting much time to write these last few weeks, as a result.

What to do?

I had an idea, but a lot depends on you and how much you’re willing to put yourself out there. I am asking for victims volunteers. I want six volunteers. (first six to answer this post) who are willing to submit to me the first page of a story or novel. I will then critique it in a future post (very honestly and frequently not tactfully I’m sure, though I will try). If this goes well and you are insane interested, I will take more volunteers later. If you are masochistic interested in manuscript violence volunteering and you are among the first six to actually speak up in the comments, leave your email address and I will contact you.

I hope you have a lovely lovely Christmas! Did anybody get something great you want to brag on? Make some great food? Have an adventure? A great moment? Do tell!


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  • My brain is screaming “don’t do it, you’re not ready!!” but my fingers keep typing anyway. I’ll go ahead and present myself as a sacrifice, with one caveat – I still need a couple of days to clean up the first page of the short story I’m working on. If you need these sooner feel free to pick the next six suckers volunteers. I’ll also point out that this would be the very first thing I’ve given to anyone else to read since 7th grade, which was a helluva long time ago, so it might be is very likely bad. But if I can serve as a lesson to others, why not :).

    email: dave.carlile at

    It’s kind of interesting that I had been thinking the first couple of pages were pretty close to done, but when I read it again while considering putting it out in public, it suddenly seems like crap.

  • Count me in, Diana! 🙂

    The big day still awaits, but I did receive a big book on all the whiskeys of the world from a friend. (Writers’ Tears somehow didn’t make it into the book, but I’ll let that slide.) There have been lots of parties, lots of friends and food and fun, and now the big family gatherings await. (Vegetarian brunch at my folks’, turkey dinner at his.) I had some fun sending packages of tiger butter around to various folks.

    My best present was one I went and got myself, submitting to being selected as a Pitch Wars alternate, and I’m working on making it the best it can be for the showcase later next month. Fingers crossed, but whatever the outcome, I’m happy. 🙂

  • Andrea

    At reading this, tiny stone butterflies seem to get their first flying lessons in my stomach, and this feeling has nothing to do with the oncoming Christmas diner. Do I dare…?
    Since English is not my native language, this is doubly scary, but nothing ventured…

    So, I’m in. The first page of my fantasy childrens book is yours to read, if you want to.

    Thank you for your Christmas gift.
    Wishing you and your son all the best.

  • Jeremy Beltran

    Ill step up and be a vict.. er volunteer

  • Jeremy Beltran

    Oh yeah I almost forgot my email address. mirceabarasab at

  • Thanks, Diana! A great present 🙂 My novel’s first chapter isn’t a whole lot of good… but I guess that’s why it needs critiquing 😉
    Count me in. firnhyde at

  • Page* not chapter *facepalm*

  • I’m up for it! Happy Christmas! And a generally good day!

    zaupuppy at gmail dot com

  • What a great gift! I’m in, if I’m in the first six.

    To quote my 4-year old nephew, “This Christmas was awesome!” Hope the same is true for everyone. Have a safe and happy holiday.

    caccindy at gmail dot com

  • Ken


    Although the chuckle I got at seeing David’s and Larua’s time stamps was worth it 😀

  • Hey, in my defense I’m operating in a different time zone. It was a reasonable hour when I posted! 😛 (We haven’t even had breakfast yet.)

    Also, nearly forgot — lstaylor at live dot ca.

    Hope your son feels better soon, Diana!

  • Di, I think this is a wonderful gift! Go, you insane people!

  • Razziecat

    Ha, how funny is it that I was too busy writing to check out the site until now?? Maybe next time. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and your son is okay, Diana!

  • Blast! I’m way too late – but please put me on the wait list in case other people drop out. (Sorry for the school language – I’ve got students on the brain. One of them emailed me at 9:45am to ask me for the course syllabus! Who wakes up on Christmas morning and does that? )

  • Andrea

    How silly of me. I didn’t mention my email address. Must be the nerves 🙂 at tele2 dot nl

  • And the first six of you to comment were sent an email just moments ago! I’m glad you all decided to play.