Making Changes


Right around the time this post hits today, I’ll be finalizing the sale of my house, quitting my job, and ending my life in Montana. We’ve already got a new place in Oregon and now it’s time to truly cut the ties to my old life. What that means is that I’ll be leaving academia and writing full time, and possibly teaching a bit. My husband has benefits and if nothing goes wrong, we should be able to pay the bills on his salary for awhile, though it will be tight. Of course we discovered this week that we may have to put out a lot of money to fix something, and we are still waiting to find out if insurance will cover it. So the notion that nothing will go wrong is not likely and definitely not smart to count on. We have some savings to cushion us. The real question is what will I make? Right now I’m between contracts, so I have no idea. I haven’t tried self-publishing because I’ve not had a chance to, though now I should have time to complete something on spec. So basically, aside from royalties, which are relatively minor, I have no specific earnings coming in.


We’ve planned as much for this move as we can. There are many reasons for moving and me leaving my job, not the least of which are opportunities and education for my kids, a job for my husband, and leaving a toxic work environment for me. I had little choice. We laid the foundation for moving over the course of several years, paying down loans, saving money, finding my husband a job with benefits, and so on. I didn’t want to be between book contracts, but that is my reality and I have to work with it. champagne

I have a lot of hope that self-publishing will offer me avenues to be successful even should I not sell again to a big house (though I fervently hope I will). That’s worse case scenario thinking and it’s important to plan for the worst. I can’t afford rose-colored glasses at this point.

Anyhow, I want to commemorate this day here as the beginning of the next phase of my life, one of great writing productivity and joy. So raise a glass for me, if you will, and go tell your friends to read my books. Happy Independence Day of a whole nuther sort. Let Freedom Ring!


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  • Ken

    *Raises a glass…what the heck, it’s 5 O’clock somewhere, right?* Best of Luck Diana! Change is a powerful, wonderful, and knock-your-knees-together frightening thing for all it’s potential and possibilities. It’s a bold thing that you and your family are doing and, if I might offer some small bit of stability, if you keep writing stories, I’ll keep reading them.


  • Good luck Diana! That sounds so exciting and a frightening at the same time. I love moments like those, and I dislike them, too. I hate putting stuff in boxes and all the tedious stuff that goes with packing, but I love the feeling of adventure that comes with cross country, starting anew moving! I hope it all goes splendidly! Again, good, good luck!

  • Cheers, Diana!

    Best wishes for you. May the best possible outcome happen. And way to go for pursuing this new life path. It sounds like you’ve earned it. 😀 I’ll drink some Writer’s Tears in your honour tonight after work. 😉

  • Di, congratulations and great good luck! I know what it’s like to work somewhere that sucks every good feeling out of you, and I hope you never find yourself in that situation again. *hugs*

  • Blessings, Di!
    You have leaped off a cliff. May your flight be grand and exuberant. May your landing be perfectly balanced and exultant. And may you BIC with great success!

  • Where in MT are you leaving? I just moved back to MT after a 30-decade absence… was a leap off a cliff both ways. Good luck to ya in your own mad migration. 🙂

  • Good luck, Diana! I’ve been in that position before, and it’s equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. Enjoy your new life, and remember the Zen saying: Leap and the net will appear. (I always hope it appears pretty quickly after the leap!)

  • Mikaela

    Good luck, Di! The War Room is waiting for you when all the unpacking is done. ( Or hey, you could do cleaning wars. Works fine for that too! 🙂 )

  • Vyton

    Best wishes for your new life in Oregon and full-time writing.

  • Good luck to you and your new adventure! May it be a thrilling ride with lots and lots of book contracts.

  • Good luck, Di! It’s scary out here on our own, but it’s exciting, too 🙂