Writing Time


I usually try to treat writing like I would any other job.  I work at home, and so it would be very easy for my writing to take over my life, to consume the time that I need to leave aside for my family, my friends, myself.  So I work weekdays, morning to late afternoon, but I rarely work on weekends or at night.  The luxury of writing full-time.

But I have this short story I’m struggling with.  I wanted to finish it by end of business on Friday; I didn’t.  I can already feel the pull of it, and I expect I’ll wind up working on it over the weekend.

I know that many other writers don’t have the luxury of writing full-time.  But I also know that even when we struggle to find the hours to write, we also have to set limits on our writing time, because as a profession it can be all-consuming.  So how do others who write deal with time issues?


4 comments to Writing Time

  • Time issues?

    Like … that question to someone who works 72 hours a week? Heck if I know.

    I often do without sleep…

  • Yeah, like I said, the luxury of writing full-time. I think if I had your life I’d go insane. You have my deepest admiration, my dear.

  • How funny that you brought this up…I dealt with a time issue just this past week. My time problems are more like Faith’s, in that I have to work a job outside the house, so my writing time is in the evenings and on weekends (until summer, anyway.) I’m working on revisions to Book Two, and I’m determined to be finished by the end of this month. At the same time, my dance teacher just reorganized her teaching plans and schedules, and is offering three classes I really, REALLY want to take…on three different nights.

    I spent about a day trying to figure out some way to work, exercise, take those three classes and still get an acceptable amount of writing done. At last I had to admit that the only way it would succeed was if I stopped sleeping.


  • Yeah, the funny thing about all this is that this weekend has been nuts — household stuff, kids having birthday parties and dance classes to attend. Even if I’d wanted to get back to that story, I never would have found the time….