We have a winner!


It was a tricky contest, and there were a lot of close guesses, but at the last minute, someone read the hints and pulled it out. So put your hands together, people, for our winner…. Beatriz

She correctly guessed that it was Faith, David, Catie and Misty.  Beatriz, I’ll get in touch offlist to arrange for your fabulous prize (well, maybe not fabulous, but it’s a prize!)

Thanks for playing, everyone! We’ll be having another quiz soon, so keep watching this spot for more Friday Fun. And please drop by this Friday, April 4, to spend some time with our marvelous guest blogger, Joshua Palmatier! He’s the author of the Throne of Amenkor series, and he’ll be discussing how to create a religion for your fantasy world. Don’t miss it!


6 comments to We have a winner!

  • Wow, I think you posted this WHILE I was guessing. I got it wrong, but just because I didn’t want to duplicate anybody else’s answer. (including Beatriz.)

    Misty’s voice was obvious in her answer, and I know the coffee shop where David gets his non-coffee fix. In fact, he has blogged about going there with his laptop, and enjoying the Town Tramp. (I’ll let YOU explain that one, David!) 😉

  • Well, David, are we going to hear about this sordid tale? 😀

  • Oh my…

    Congrats Beatriz!

  • Ahem…Thanks, Frank. Fortunately, my wife understands. The Town Tramp is the name of my favorite Smoothie option — Strawberries, yogurt, and a bit of apple juice to make her tart. Really. It’s just that innocent. My daughters like the Pink Flamingo — strawberries, yogurt, and lemonade.

  • Oh darn. I should stop saying I am psychic then, since I can’t even guess that thing. Oh darn, I hope my clients don’t see this. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

  • Sorry, I just HAD to do that. I may just go pick up a Tramp myself this afternoon!