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Quarry200ThieftakerMM200Release day for the hardcover of Thieves’ Quarry and the paperback edition of Thieftaker is tomorrow, July 2.  This will be my fourteenth release day of an original title (I’ve had somewhere in the mid-twenties if you include all the paperback editions), and I have to admit to being every bit as nervous and excited about this one as I have been about all the others.  The excitement never really gets old, and the fear never ever goes away.

As part of my ongoing Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour, I have two posts up today in addition to this one.  I am at Aidan Moher’s “A Dribble of Ink” with a post about ideology and writing, which expands on a post I wrote here several weeks back. I am also interviewed at the blog of friend-of-MW, Alethea Kontis.  I hope you will check out both posts.

I am too frazzled/psyched/terrified to write anything too serious today, so I thought it might be fun to try something a little different and a lot goofy.  Last year, during the Thieftaker Blog Tour, Catie Murphy interviewed me, and one of her questions was, “If you had to choose a theme song for Ethan Kaille, what would it be and why?”

My answer:  “I think I would go with ‘Gimme Shelter,”’ by the Rolling Stones.  This is a fairly dark book.  Violence looms in every scene.  War — in the form of the Revolution — is drawing closer.  ‘War, children, it’s just a shot away…’  There is literally fire in the streets.  ‘Fire is sweeping our very street today…’  And yet he also manages to find love in this climate, as the song does at its end.  ‘Love, sister, it’s just a kiss away…’ Yeah.  I think ‘Gimme Shelter’ works pretty well.”

I was thinking it might be fun to assign theme songs to some of the other Thieftaker characters, and maybe a few familiar characters from other authors as well.  So . . .

Sephira Pryce:  A couple come to mind, actually.  There’s an old Allman Brothers song (actually a cover of a blues standard) called “Black-Hearted Woman” that seems appropriate.  There’s also the Fleetwood Mac song “Black Magic Woman,” which was made famous here in the States by Santana.  Yes, I know, Sephira isn’t a conjurer, so she doesn’t have access to magic.  Yet.  Read Thieves’ Quarry . . .  But I think the choice I like best is also the most obvious:  “The Bitch Is Back.”

Diver Jervis:  Diver is one of those people who always seems to be tripping over his own bad fortune.  So I figure any song for him should probably be a blues tune.  There is an old Elmore James song (also covered by the Allman Brothers) called “Done Somebody Wrong,” that fits. “It was all my fault, I musta’ did somebody wrong.”  But I think I’ll go with the old country standard “There’s No Fool Like a Young Fool.”

Sheriff Stephen Greenleaf:  Easy — The Clash doing Bobby Fuller’s “I Fought the Law (and the Law Won).”

Jane Yellowrock:  Of course, Faith gets final say on this, but I found one that I think works well.  I’m not a big fan of My Chemical Romance, but their song “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” has the perfect title and a hard driving electric guitar riff reminiscent of the theme from “Buffy.”  Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Kestrel:  I’d say “A Pirate Looks At Forty,” by Jimmy Buffett.  But Kestrel is younger than that, and she’s way too cool to be sweating an impending birthday.  I also have to admit to being drawn to the old Styx classic, “Come Sail Away,” but I’ve always hated Styx, and I think she deserves better.  And so, with deepest apologies to Misty, I have only one real choice — from Muppet Treasure Island, it’s “A Professional Pirate.”

So, what are some of your theme song choices for some of your favorite characters.  Wanna play along?

David B. Coe

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  • No apologies necessary – I think that’s a perfect song for Kes! 🙂 Another song I associate with her is The Engine Room by Runrig, which is instrumental, but somehow communicates her constant drive toward freedom.

    Right now I’m working with a dark, brooding, broken character, so some of the songs on his playlist are Drink The Water by Justin Clare (which is one of the most subtly creepy songs I’ve ever heard), The Road To Hell by Chris Rea and The Distance by Cake.

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  • Thanks, Misty. I like the playlist for your new character. Looking forward to reading him.

  • Hepseba ALHH

    Off-topic-input: Your theiftaker covers continue to be awesome!!

    Not very good at coming up with theme-songs, but at the moment I’ve got Peter Gabriel’s ‘Red Rain’ going through my head. I guess that could be a good theme song for the aftermath of the key event in my WIPs backstory – and *possibly* a good song for my villain…it kind of hints at the twisted ways he’s broken.

  • I love your choices, especially The Bitch is Back for Sephira.
    And I’m good with Jane’s song.
    Okay, I’ll play once.
    Rick LaFleur — I Got All You Need (Joe Bonamassa)

    Happy Release Day tomorrow!!!

  • Cindy

    Ethan Kaille, I would use Corey Hart’s ‘Never Surrender’

    ‘Thieves’ Quarry’ is a wonderful book and no spoilers here. I liked it better than Thieftaker and my review is ready to go live tomorrow. Everyone should go buy a cop and my local library is ordering a copy too. Thanks for the ARC David. It was great.

  • Vyton

    Happy Release Day, David. Great cover.

  • Hep, thanks. Chris McGrath is the artist and I agree with you: the covers are terrific. Last I heard, Tor was going to use him again on the next book and also on a story I’ll be publishing at next spring. And I like the song choice.

    Thanks, Faith. Don’t know Rick’s song — I’ll check it out.

    Cindy, I like that choice, too. And I’m grateful to you for the kind words about Thieves’ Quarry. So glad you liked it. I agree with you. It’s even better than Thieftaker; I think it’s the best work I’ve ever done.

    Thank you, Vyton!

  • Wayne McCalla

    Happy Release Day, David!! Have a great signing on Thursday!

  • Happy Release Day, David – it’s queued up on my Kindle for reading as soon as I finish the current book.
    I’ve been trying to figure out the perfect song for Beast; so far haven’t hit on one, although Holst’s Mercury is in the running. I do think it’d have to be an instrumental, though. 🙂

  • mudepoz

    Looking forward to reading the tale of Ethan. *Must remember to reread the first tale of Ethan*
    As to songs…snort!

  • Razziecat

    I can never think of appropriate songs for most characters, so I’ll just say Happy Release Day! I’ve preordered the book for Kindle so I’ll be able to download it when I get home from work! 🙂

  • Happy Release Day! My copy is ordered!

  • Happy Book Day! And ack. I completely flaked and forgot to pre-order, so my plan is to stop at the bookstore tomorrow after work. *facepalm* Sorry.


    For my YA high fantasy, I’d say my main character Janni’s theme song would likely be “Halfway There”. It’s about having certain dreams and goals for herself versus what others expect of her. She’s the long lost princess who escaped an attempt on her life, and doesn’t want to go back. She just wants to be a healer. And the other main character Brennant’s song *has* to be Fitz & the Tantrums’ “Out of my League”, because the lost princess he’s searching for and doesn’t realize he’s been traveling with is this ideal in his head. Hee-hee. 🙂

    For my UF, I think Jack’s story is best suited to “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. For too many reasons to count.

  • Stunning covers, David!
    My MC, Flann, is a complicated creature and changes massively over the course of the story, so he has three theme songs. For beginning-of-the-story-Flann, Bryan Adams’s “You Can’t Take Me” is just perfect. Later on, Joe Niemand’s “Welcome Home” works, and his song for the end of the story is definitely “Hero” from Skillet.

  • Thanks, Wayne!

    Thank you, Lyn. And I like that choice for Beast!

    Mud, I hope you enjoy the first one again, and the second one for the first time. Thanks!

    Thank you, Razz. I appreciate the good wishes.

    SiSi, thank you!

    Laura, no need to apologize. I hope you enjoy Thieves’ Quarry no matter where and when you get it. I love your song choices; thanks for sharing.

    Unicorn, thank you. I love them, too. And thanks for the song titles. Cool choices (those I know).

  • TwilightHero

    Very late in commenting, but I agree: very cool covers 🙂

    I might be a bit different in that I tend to assign songs to certain – mostly epic – scenes. E.g., a planned battle scene where a paradise is all but destroyed gets Mad World, by Gary Jules; a major character dies heroically to the Beatles’ Blackbird. The characters themselves, not as much, though there are a few.

    The one that most readily comes to mind is my antihero (technically a villain, but opposed to the main villain); “Welcome to the Black Parade”, by My Chemical Romance. (I am a big fan :P) He and his forces have an almost-black uniform; his backstory has him searching a war-torn city for his dying lover, amidst bodies in the streets – her death was what sent him down the darker path in the first place; and there is even one part, not influenced by the song, I swear, where he specifically says he’s not a hero.

    Definitely one of my favorite characters. It gave me goosebumps – in a good way – when I realized how well the song fit.