Improvising a Post: Writing Advice Haiku!


Hi, all.  David here.

Our good friend Edmund Schubert was supposed to return to Magical Words today for a guest appearance.  Unfortunately family health issues got in the way of his plans and he is not able to join us.  A.J., who usually posts on Fridays, is taking a well-deserved day off, and that leaves us without a post for the day.

So, here I am riffing, trying to think of what to do with the day that will be amusing and engaging without taking up time that I don’t have.

And what I’ve come up with is writing advice Haiku.  Yes, you heard me — writing advice Haiku.  I got the idea from my friend Tim Rohr, who recently interviewed me for the MiFi Writers of Michigan Speculative Fiction.  At his request, I ended the interview with this little gem:

Put your butt in chair
Make your own inspiration
Because writers write.

But I feel that I should come up with a fresh one for today, so here goes:

“That’s right,” he opined
“Said-bookisms are taboo.”
“Oh!” she exclaimed. “Crap.”

Your turn!


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