Friday Fun Time!


It’s Friday! Woo hoo! In honor of getting to the weekend relatively unscathed, we at Magical Words are challenging you, our readers.

The four hosts of Magical Words were asked the following question:

“You’ve gone to the local coffee shop to indulge yourself for an hour. What do you order?”

Their answers are:

A. A large chai tea latte, non fat, with a couple shots of raspberry. A low fat coffee cake, either blueberry or cinnamon. Or a cinnamon Danish if I’ve been virtuous all week. Man…That is just sooo girlie. I shoulda said a black coffee, and added that I topped it off with a shot of brandy from a flask in my tote. I’ve done that before too, in my wilder younger days.

B. Coffee makes me jittery, hyper. My hands shake under the best of conditions; give me coffee and I’m a total wreck. I’d get a Chai Latte. And sugar. Must have sugar. A big soft oatmeal raisin cookie maybe. Or chocolate chip (also big; also soft). And because work has no place in this fantasy, I’d bring my laptop and spend the entire time cruising around Ebay.

C. I’ll order the darkest hot chocolate on the menu and spend the next two hours copyediting manuscripts. Hrm. That doesn’t sound much like indulging myself, does it?

D. A medium latte, no sugar and no flavoring, and a toffee bar, if they happen to be in stock. I swear, every baked goodie I fall in love with goes out of stock. I used to love pistachio muffins, but the coffee shop that sold them went out of business. Maybe I should publicly announce my love of bran-carrot-banana cake, just to watch it vanish, too.

So here’s the challenge – whose order is whose? Post in comments with your answer. The first person who guesses all four answers correctly (we’ll announce on Monday morning) will receive huge accolades and the pride of being our first winner. And maybe even a toy surprise if we can arrange it!

So start guessing, and have a great weekend!


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