First Winner Announced!!


Hi, all:

I don’t know about my MW colleagues, but I’m taking this week off from posting.  I’ll be back next Monday to kick off 2010 with a new post, but in the meantime, I wanted to announce the winner of the first Magical Words book giveaway from last week.  After a random drawing (actually my older daughter picking a number between 1 and 10…) we do in fact have a winner.  And it is . . . .

[Drum roll. . . .]

. . . . Did every one get nice presents for Christmas?  We had a kind of modest holiday this year, in keeping with the times.  But I did get a new tripod for my camera.  I can’t wait to get out and use it.  But I digress.  Our winner is . . . .

[Another drum roll. . . .]

. . . .We had a really good Christmas dinner.  Yeah, I know — I’m Jewish.  But not very, and my wife’s not at all.  We had a ham and homemade mac and cheese made with gruyere instead of cheddar (to-die-for!) and corn pudding and collared greens.  A southern Christmas.  Really yummy.  Good friends, a fire.  Lovely evening.  Anyway, the winner . . . .

[Yet another drum roll . . . .]

. . . . We managed to REALLY surprise our older daughter with her present this year.  She’d had no idea what she was getting, and we kinda mislead her into thinking it was one thing when in fact it was seasons 1-4 of BONES, a show she just adores.  She was totally surprised.  She’s 14 now and we don’t have many opportunities to surprise her.  But we did it this year.

Anyway, hope all of you have a nice New Year’s and wonderful, healthy, prosperous 2010.



PS.  Oh, right!  The winner.  Drumroll please!  What?  The drummer left?  Not “left” so much as “quit”?  Hmmm.  Okay, no drum roll then.  Sorry for that.

Squeak, you’re the winner.  Go to my website — — and use the “email the author” link on the left to contact me off list with a) your address and full name, and b) which book you want me to send you, and c) any special instructions for the inscription.  Congratulations!


8 comments to First Winner Announced!!

  • Dino


    Writing talent and a generous heart.

  • David, you are evil. Hope the winner didn’t give up first! (laughing)

  • Gruyere mac and cheese does sound pretty good. I like to use smoked cheeses for mac and cheese because I like the flavor. I’m big into smoked, aged gouda. Been eating a cheese lately called Dubliner that melts just beautifully and has sorta buttery nose flavor characteristics. I’m thinking of trying that in a mac and cheese soon.

    Far as gifts, I got some things I’d been kinda wanting for a while, double boiler, silpat, pop-up steamer basket. My bro got me a shirt that he probably didn’t realize was gonna be as big a hit as it was. It’s a zombie horde surrounding a car and a guy standing on top of the car with a shotgun and chainsaw about to face certain doom. My new favorite shirt. My wife got me an MP3 player, and some airtight canisters so these stupid weevil looking things will stop getting in my flour and rice. I made a hanger closet for my wife that I gotta finish staining and get a poly coat on it. It’s the biggest woodworking project I’ve ever done and came out nice. If anyone wants to take a look:
    Sometime later I’ll probably add a little shelf in it above the hanger bar and maybe a couple small shelves on one side near the bottom for shoes or something. Might put on some doors later if we ever have enough room to have it set out properly. It’s just gonna have a curtain for now because of where it’ll be sitting.

  • And that should be buttery nose AND flavor characteristics….grr…need edit button. 😉

  • The drummer got tired of you avoiding the announcement, or perhaps the rum and eggnog was staring them in the face.

    Congrats, Squeak.

    And Happy Holidays to everybody at MW, both those who post and those who follow.

  • Robin

    Congrats Squeak!
    David, I have to confess I skipped past all the drumming to the end… then went back to allow the witicisms to asuage my disappointment! [Pouts] 🙂

  • Judy

    Congrats Squeak!

    I loved your story!

  • Squeak

    :O Thanks! I wonder if it will get here before the Christmas gifts to myself – more books. I think my favorite gift this year was Dominion (tabletop card game). Not that I needed the distraction but it’s endless fun with another gamer in the house.