Sorry to be posting so late, but I only returned home last night from a week-long vacation that culminated in a terrific weekend at ConCarolinas, and I’ve been scrambling to deal with everything from getting our daughter ready for sleep away camp (she left this morning at 6:00) to retrieving our accumulated mail.

Thing is, all I really want to do is write.

The week off with my family was wonderful.  Sunshine most days, spectacular thunderstorms over the sea on a couple.  We swam in the ocean, took walks on the beach, found shells and sharks’ teeth, read and did puzzles and watched movies.  Mostly we didn’t work.  Although in a way, I did.  But more on that later.

ConCarolinas was wonderful.  The con committee put together a terrific convention.  It ran smoothly and was staffed by the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.  The con has a strong literary track; I’d enjoy attending it no matter what.  But what makes ConCarolinas so special is that it’s the one con that all of us here at Magical Words attend.  Stuart could only come on Saturday, but for that one day Faith, Misty, A.J., Stuart, and I were together, hawking books, talking shop, and chatting with the many other authors and MW readers who also attended the con.  We spoke on panels about Alternate History and Creating Religions, about Censorship and Writer’s Block, about Writing Collaboratively and Reading Harry Potter. We had a wonderful Magical Words lunch at Boardwalk Billy’s during which Faith ate what appeared to be a miniature Kraken soaking in a tumbler of Tequila.  Seriously.

I’m not going to try to name everyone we saw at the con — other writers, artists, friends of this site.   I might remember most of you, but I’ll surely forget someone, and I don’t want to do that.  Suffice it to say that seeing you all at our panels, at the lunch, in the hallway where we had our book tables set up, was wonderful.  You made a fun weekend even better.  You know who are.

I said before that I didn’t work while at the beach.  That’s not entirely true.  As the wonderful Allen Wold mentioned on one of the panels I sat in on, when a writer stares off into space, or (extrapolating now) out at breakers rolling over a shell-strewn beach, he is working.  After finishing Robin Hood and the first Thieftaker book, I was tired, creatively spent.  I didn’t want to write at all.  And that feeling lasted several weeks.  I did other stuff, including, most notably, revamping my web page.  But I didn’t write a thing.  I didn’t want to, which is rare for me.  While at the beach, I got the bug again.  I started writing in my journal, I found myself playing with book ideas; I began to feel excited about my work again.  The convention energized me even more.  I plan to start the next Thieftaker book on September 1.  Between now and then, I have yet another book that I want to write.  I’ll keep you posted.

As it happens, Magical Words was reinvigorated by the convention as well.  In the evenings, after we were done with con stuff, the MW writers and a few of our family and friends, including friend of the site Edmund Schubert, went off on our own and did some brainstorming.  I’m not going to reveal too much of what we discussed, at least not yet.  Much of it needs more planning, more foundational work.  I will say, though, that we as a group are thrilled at the prospect of making the site even better, and of making Magical Words into something more than just a blog. I can also tell you that some of the changes could begin manifesting themselves much sooner.  So stay tuned.

Again, thanks to all of you for helping to make this past weekend so special.  And now to work.  I have some creative energy to expend.

David B. Coe

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  • David> Thanks for all the time that you and the MW authors spent talking to me (and to all the fans and aspiring writers). I always learn new stuff every time I go there and I always have such a fabulous time. I can’t wait to see what you guys are planning!

  • Our pleasure, Emily. Many thanks to you and to Sarah for your interest in our panels and your thought-provoking questions. It’s always wonderful to see you.

  • David, the con — and the time we all got together to talk *business* (inside ***s because it was also so much fun) — was one of those electric moments of life. A moment where you stand on a precipice and KNOW that things are about to change in a broad, sweeping, fabulous way.
    It was great to see you and Nancy and the girls again. BTW, you forgot your poison. I’m giving it to Misty! (laughing)

  • Energized indeed. A great con and much exciting new stuff in the air for MW. Wonderful to see my fellow bloggers and all those readers/commenters who turned out. Same again next year?

  • Ditto to everything, and yes, AJ, I think we should do this again. And next year I’ll clear my schedule earlier so I can be there all weekend.

  • I agree, Faith. Without wanting to tease our readers too much (heh, heh, heh . . .) I’m very excited, too. And hanging out with all of you was just terrific.

    A.J., I’m already looking forward to going back to the con in 2011. So glad that you and Stuart are part of the site.

    Stuart, definitely. One day was not enough . . .

  • Deb S

    David, can’t wait to what you and the other MW Overlords and ladies have cooked up.

  • Thanks, Deb. We’ll fill all of you in as soon as we can.

  • Dino

    It was great meeting everyone.
    Lunch was a blast and Ross and I are already planning to attend next year as well.
    I was greatly pleased, but not surprised, to find out the folks here are just as wonderful in real life as they are on Magical Words.

  • Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I’m sorry I had to miss it. We were in WV in the holler (hollow) camping for the weekend. Definitely making it next year though. I take it that it’s the same date every year? Gotta plan for it now on my calendar.

  • Great seeing you and Ross, Dino. Glad to know you’ll be there again next year. And yeah, it’s a pretty nice group…

    Daniel, we missed you, too. Hope you can come next year. It’s usually the same weekend — first in June. Next year it will be just ConCarolinas; this year it was CC and also DeepSouthCon, and so was slightly more crowded than usual.

  • Sarah

    Yes! It was lovely meeting you guys again. And thank you for the amount of time you took to chat and answer questions and, if you’ll forgive the phrase, just be human with your readers. And to you other commenters too – it was lovely meeting you guys and having face for names. Most of the people in my life are not writers so spending time with all of you was a bit like having a tribal reunion.

    I’m fighting jet lag at the moment, but my head is bubbling with scenes that need to be written too. (And no, I will not write “tomorrow.” I will get off MW and write today.) Thank you all for the energizing.

  • wayne

    Glad to hear that everyone enjoyed themselves and are re-energized to either bring out new ideas or having a different take on older ones.

    The lunch idea was great and seemed that everyone had fun.

    Had a great time this year, most likely will do again next year…Just wish wasn’t a 9+ hour drive to get there.

  • Sounds like it was fun! With a bit more planning, maybe next year I’ll see about attending as a birthday present to myself.

    Unless something else comes up. May your super secret project come to fruition. 😉

  • admin

    Super secret *projects*! More than one!!!! Projects to be revealed one at a time over the next few months…starting this weekend! Yes this weekend! You will have to tune in on Saturday to see the cool stuff begin. Mwhahahahahaha!

  • Sarah, it was great spending time with the people who comment on the site. MW only works as a conversation, and so we want to know the people with whom we’re speaking through the site. And I’m glad to hear that you’re energized, too. Hope the writing goes well.

    Wayne, it was great seeing you and will look forward to seeing you at CC again next year. We know it’s a long drive or flight for many of our readers and we truly appreciate your willingness to make the trip.

    Moira, it is fun, and we definitely hope you can make it there next year.

    Admin! An anonymous post from the powers that be! How mysterious! How exciting…!

  • Tom Berrisford

    This was my 3rd ConCarolinas and I really enjoyed it. Again. One thing that makes is so special is being able to not only hear all the wise words from the various panels, but also getting to actually hang out and get to know so many nice people. You guys at MW are a big part of why I enjoy this con so much. Thanks for all your time sharing insight at the panels, in the halls, at lunch, and everywhere you were. You guys rock! (And not just those of you who live in Rock Hill!) Looking forward to more wonderful things from you guys…

  • Many thanks, Tom. As I say, we get as much from those interactions as you do. Talking to fans of the site and fans of our work actually helps us improve the work we do, and we’re grateful to all of you for making us feel so welcome.

  • Too bad that ConCarolinas is too far for me to travel to, but I would like to go back to it someday. Meanwhile, I am looking forward seeing David and some of you at WFC.

  • Looking forward to seeing you, too, Wade. And I hope you’ll come to CC at some point. It’s a more intimate con than WFC (though I do love WFC).

  • David,
    It sounds like you had a great time on vacation and at the con. Congratz on getting energized. This trip to Canada and China has done the same for me. I’ve only a few more days left and I can’t wait to start writing. If I new I had a few hours to string together, I might try to finish the build-up and climax to Song of Fury. Maybe I’ll start that on the plane ride home.

    I look forward to any improvements you and the others make to this site. Magical Words has become my top spot on my iGoogle homepage and the first thing I read when I get internet access. You guys and gals rock. I love the sense of community between everyone and the conversations that arise within the comments section.

    I only wish I could change my icon. LOL

    NGD in China

  • L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright

    >when a writer stares off into space, or (extrapolating now) out at breakers rolling over a shell-strewn beach, he is working.

    So true! A writer is never far from his work.

  • Dave, it really was a great week. Sounds like your trip has been awesome and energizing as well. And thank you for the kind words about MW. Glad to know that you’re getting something from the site.

    Jagi, I have a post about this somewhere in the MW archives. Basically the point is that writers are always working, always imagining, always writing in our heads.