Dragon*Con and Tricorn Punk


Yeah, I can’t say that this is going to be the most extensive post of my Magical Words career.  I’m still at Dragon*Con with Faith, Misty, A.J., Kalayna, Lucienne, John, James, and a host of other friends and fellow writers.  It’s been a great con thus far, and I know that today will be a great end to the extended weekend.  It’s also been pretty interesting, what with amazing costumes, fun panels, and some laugh-filled delicious meals.

I have learned this week that THIEFTAKER is not the easiest book to classify.  On Saturday, I was on three panels in a row:  One on Alternate History, the next on Urban Fantasy, and the last on Steampunk.  Now, I think we can all agree that THIEFTAKER is not Steampunk.  But it does have certain elements of the subgenre — the emphasis on altered history, the use of atmospheric setting, the role of magic.  And so we’re now calling it Tricorn Punk (TM).  Just thought I’d share that.

I’m sure my MW colleagues will offer their own post-mortems on the con as the week progresses.  For now though, we’re all having a bunch of fun.

David B. Coe

2 comments to Dragon*Con and Tricorn Punk

  • A. R. Gideon

    Tricorn Punk. I like it. Glad to hear the con has been good, wish I could have been there.

  • Wayne McCalla

    Tricorn Punk… Sounds interesting.

    Sounds like everyone had a great time. Just wish could of been there.

    Getting ready for trip to Minnesota which part includes a camping trip this Friday through Sunday. So going from mid nineties for highs to low forties for lows…