Auntie Em! Auntie Em!!


For those of you looking for Faith’s usual Wednesday post, I just had a call from her.  A line of storms blew through her area and knocked out her internet access, and so she has no way of posting right now.  She is fine, and hopes to be able to get something on the site later today.  But she really doesn’t know when her access will be restored.  So . . . .  I suppose you might want to check back in later.  Or you can read some of her posts in the archives.  They’re all very, very good.


2 comments to Auntie Em! Auntie Em!!

  • It appears David and I had the same idea (roughly), but he’s a faster typist that I am. C’est la vie…

  • Internet and cable have finally been restored! Thank you all for yoru patience and kindness. Living without Internet access is a *lot* harder than I thoguht. I’ve learned that I am totally addicted!

    It is so late at this point, that I think I’ll just wait until next week to post. I have a *lot* of emails and business to catch up on, and will not have Internet access tomorrow either. (grinds teeth.)