A Labor Day Post


Okay, my turn to forget….  The national holiday thing threw me.  That and the fact that, once again, I have no idea what to write.  I’m getting blogged-out, I think.

I’m in the final stages of writing my work in progress.  I have the last chapters outlined and know exactly where the book is going and how I’m going to get there.  What’s more, I like the ending and the build-up to it.  The last chapter — which may end up being an epilogue — is a little self-indulgent, though I think fans of my earlier work will like it a lot.  Point is though, the hardest part of the book is past me.  The rest should be easy.

But it’s not turning out that way.  Remember all those distractions I wrote about last week?  Well, they’re calling my name.  You know all those political posts on my personal blogsite last week?  Well, they’re indicative of where my mind’s been recently.  I am thinking about pretty much anything but work right now.    I wrote thirty pages or so last week, which is terrible by Catie’s standards but a pretty good week for me.  Still, those pages were a struggle, and I’m already off to a bad start this week.

Yuck.  I’m kvetching.  (Yiddish for whining.)  I’m having myself a little whinge, as my Aussie friends would put it. 

Ten things I’d rather do than work right now:

1)  Go out and take pictures.  Or work on the pictures I brought back from out West, which are still not entirely processed.

2)  Pull out my guitar and learn something new.  Or play the same old stuff I usually play.

3)  Watch old episodes of “Buffy” or “The West Wing”.  I could do it.  I have the complete DVD collections of both.  I can hear them both calling to me as I type this…

4)  Read one of the half dozen or so books sitting on my shelf waiting to be read.  There are books there by my fellow MagicalWords bloggers, one by Guy Kay, others by Jay Lake and Tobias Buckell and S.L. Farrell.  Those books could keep me busy for a few weeks.

5)  Work on my next project, which currently looks much more interesting and fun and tempting than my current WIP.

6)  Go to the Apple web site and shop for that new desktop computer I’ve promised myself.  Of course the deal is I don’t get it until I finish this book.  But I can browse the website, right?

7)  There is a ton of chocolate in the house.  And there are several bottles of very good Australian Shiraz.  ‘Nough said….

8)  [Laughs]  Okay this one would be good if Nancy was home and both my daughters were at school.  But currently things stand the other way around, and I’m not going to say more….

9)  It’s not too hot out, and there’s a breeze blowing.  It would be a good day to grab my binoculars and go for a hike.

10)  Two words:  computer games.

So, there’s my list.  What does yours look like?  Come on, give it a try.  It’s Labor Day.  What better time to come up with the things you’d like to be doing other than labor?


14 comments to A Labor Day Post

  • I would looooove to be swimming. Instead I spent the morning helping the husband to clean up the computer room, so that it will soon become the computer and XBox room.

    Which is kind of fun for me anyway, since that leaves the great room (where my desk is) empty of XBox noises. *happy sigh*

  • Tina

    One of the best things about a Mac?

    Games are non-existent unless you load them. I made the vow not to do that and am thrilled. (There’s always the Net to surf if you get desperate.)

  • You’re more disciplined than I am, Tina. I took off the games that distracted me the most, because I was really starting to slow myself down (this was a few years back). But I left a game or two, just so that I’d have something to play every now and then.

    Not much of a swimmer, Misty, but I could certainly have added taking a bike ride to my list. Didn’t think of it because right now my bike has a flat…..

  • I’ve been a good swimmer since I was a tiny girl. Most kids ended up playing in their backyards when their mamas chased them out of the house, but my sister and I went to the beach instead.

    Gotta love growing up coastal!

  • 10 things…hmmmm. You know, I actually *did* 10 things instead of writing today. Very few were actually fun, however, and most were so boring that when I wrote my list, I erased them. David, your day sounds a lot more exciting. Misty — yours too!

  • Computer games are my nemesis – especially old games which I haven’t played in years.

    http://www.1980-games.com/us/ is the bane of my WIP currently.

    *sigh* back to work.

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  • Beatriz

    1. Still at D*Con with my friends. Including y’all this time, please and thank you.

    2. Ordering silks.

    3. Creating new garb.

    4. At my Dear Friend’s house, playing dress up with the new garb I just bought.

    5. Learning how to work the new camera.

    6. Sleeping. Got about 3 hours last night before returning to work today. Zonk!

    7. Wandering around Mary Jo’s House of Crack… errrr.. .Cloth Warehouse. Preferably with said DF in tow, ooohing and aaaahing and getting inspired.

    8. Sitting on the beach in Jamaica, mon.

  • Yeah, Mark, I’m with you on this one. Computer games are just evil. WAY too much fun. Great list, Minion! Thanks! Faith, those aren’t things I actually did yesterday. Just things I wanted to do. I wound up doing laundry, going food shopping, and driving my kids around.

  • I clean, I clean the bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, loungeroom, hallway, study, outside windows… anything that I think I could seriously consider a priority I will do when I’m trying to procrastinate the writing process. This usually happens in the slumpy middle. When I can’t get the umph back into the writing. Once I’ve cleaned I come back and amazingly I have a solution (well it’s easier to do that than get the domestos out again to scrub the toilet floor.).

  • I know. But I figured whatever you actually did was way better than what I actually did.

  • Wow, Natalie. It seems you found [wait for it] … a cleaning solution! [rimshot]

    Okay, not so good. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  • […] Instead of writing. Inspired by David B Coe of Magical Words. […]

  • […] Instead of writing. Inspired by David B Coe of Magical Words. […]