A Year in the Life: Week 20


“Whew,” I said in the writing chat room, “finished my galleys.”

“Oh good,” Mikaela said, “does that mean you’ll have time to write your MW post?”

Chastened, I come to write it.:)

Know what I’ve been doing? NOT WRITING. A lot of NOT WRITING. I’ve learned how to do a book layout in InDesign. I’ve been staring a bit miserably at the writing I need to do. I’ve gone to one of the local SF conventions. A week ago I finished all the book layout stuff and said, “Yay! Now maybe I can get back to ACTUAL WRITING.”

And the galleys for MOUNTAIN ECHOES, the 8th Walker Papers novel, landed in my inbox. Seriously, like, while I was writing a blog post saying “Maybe I can get back to the writing now,” before I got to the end of it, the galleys arrived. #NotFair, to coin a Twitter phrase.

Tomorrow I have to scan the changes in and get them sent off, so basically I’m looking at next Monday before I start writing again. And then I have to fix the horribly-broken book I’m working on, and theoretically do a synopsis for the next project, ideally all before Nanowrimo starts on November 1.


If I manage to get it so I can start the Nano novel–a pulp fiction novel!–by the 5th of November I’ll be doing incredibly well. If I get it started by mid-November, I’ll be happy. Its due date is a little flexible, but I need to start SHAMAN RISES, the 9th and final book of the Walker Papers, in January, so basically I need to finish two books, one of which isn’t started yet, by the end of the year.

Oh yes, boys and girls, this is a year in the life of a writer. :}


4 comments to A Year in the Life: Week 20

  • *hugs* Best of luck with everything! I hate it when things keep getting in the way. My best friend asked us to host her birthday barbecue on Saturday, since her apartment is too small and not barbecue-friendly. “Sure, why not?” I told her. We spent the entire day cleaning and getting ready for the party, and then the party itself, and the whole time leading up to the party I thought, “Okay, I’ll do just this one more thing, then I can start writing” (revising, actually) and then one more thing came up. Ugh. Take care!

    I know this might be something likely to suck more time away, but … Writing chat?

  • Mikaela

    I have no doubt you can finish the books before January. After all, you got me to keep you company in the war room. :).

  • Hepseba ALHH

    Despite your frustrations, I remain in awe of your productivity. But I also understand. Instead of writing, I’ve been writing software to make an encyclopedia for my world. So, yeah, sometimes the *other* things really run away with themselves.

  • Huge Hugs. I am waiting for *broken-book-rewrite* letter next week. For now, I am just blocking out the next Jane Yellowrock novel. And I’m stuck. As usual. Out with the bubble (grape, web, whatever) outlining!