A Year In The Life: Week 2


All right, really it’s weeks 3 & 4, but we’re going to refer to this as a 26 week series rather than complicate it any further. So: Week Two of what this job is like down there in the trenches!

Writing: Frankly not as much as I’d hoped, but in the region of 20K. As it happens, I’m keeping a live blog during the writing of my Kickstarter campaign novella “No Dominion”, so this is a literal play by play account of a day’s work:

Scanning over yesterday’s work, getting back in the swing of where I was. Changing a few words here and there to make the voice more Gary and less Jo-by-default. Walker Papers stories, whether they’re Jo or not narrating, seem to want to be told in first person, which makes writing other PsOV a kind of interesting challenge.

8200 words: …I swear to God, sometimes it’s like I planned it. Except I guarandamntee you that 750,000 words ago I was not planning for a couple lines in URBAN SHAMAN to pay off in a novella I had no idea I’d be writing. Holy crap.

8300 words: HOLY CRAP. There we go with payoff #2, setup from 400K ago that I had no intention of ending up as meaningful but FITTING TOGETHER FLAWLESSLY. How does that HAPPEN?!?!?!

Mmmn. Only about 900 words today, but I (think I) finished a chapter, so I’m going to leave it at that and pretend I’m going to get a whole 3K chapter written tomorrow and that that will be the Way Of The Future.

Finished a short story, though, one that went more slowly than I’d hoped and came in at about 7500 words. Got editorial notes back on it and have failed in one of the things I was trying. So it may need another small revision pass before it goes out to readers, but it’s due this month so my time frame is growing short. *stress*

Self-publishing efforts: Dear Self, try not to look at the Amazon numbers every five minutes, ‘mmkay? Mmkay. That said, averaging 40 sales a day is allowed to rock your socks. Try to figure out more ways to fan this fire. Including getting the thing onto wretched Smashwords, but I’m looking for broader opportunities here.

Work That Isn’t Writing: Still have not gotten important stuff in the mail. If I haven’t done this by next blog, it’s my own damned fault if I don’t get the job. I said cryptically.

Also: need to email the Best Agent Evar and ask some questions about proposals that are out waiting on answers.

Spent a half hour talking with Gabra Zackman, the reader for my Walker Papers audio books! SO COOL! So full of squee! This was all about giving her the right (or at least my best shot at the right) pronounciations for Irish words in the upcoming RAVEN CALLS audio book.

Shameless Self-Promotion: Got my author copies of RAVEN CALLS! Have gone all over the socialnetworkosphere offering free books to random commenters on various sites. Overwhelming response. Holy beans.

Upcoming: Making February a 50K in 29 Days month. 4 items on the to-do list: finish “No Dominion”, write another Walker Papers short story, write another chapter for the graphic novel, & make headway on MOUNTAIN ECHOES, book 8 of the Walker Papers. Oh, and arrange a launch party for RAVEN CALLS at our upcoming local convention…


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  • Incredible, Catie. You have SO much going on, and yet you manage to churn out so much quality material. I’m impressed, as usual. Especially because my own year is off to a somewhat-less-than-impressive start. Enjoying these year in the life posts. Keep them coming.

  • Ken

    Thank you for posting these Catie. They are informative, entertaining and (for me at least) a little scary (but in a good way :)). There’s so much that goes on with writing that isn’t actually writing that I wasn’t aware of before. It helps to know what it’s like out there in the trenches, even if I’m nowhere near the front lines yet.

  • Catie,
    if you speak to Gabra Zackman again, give her my best. I was dramaturg for a production of SHREW she did in Georgia about 9 years ago. Small world.

  • Catie, I’m with you – incredible. And like David, I’ve gotten not much done with wrod count this year yet, what with my small health problems and that fact that mama broke her back. (She’ll recover fine, eventually, but gee-whillickers, it’s been a rotten year health-wise for my family…) You make me want to buckle down and *write!* BIC.

  • Vyton

    Catie, you are incredible. Really. Thank you for this series. It’s inspiring.

  • The Mathelete

    Love these posts, Catie. 50k in February would crush me into the ground 😉 Good luck! Can’t wait to see weeks number three.

  • Cindy

    Remember we talked about doing a nanowrimo in February? I am game for that, but I am going for 30K words.

  • ! That’s bonkers, AJ. I’ll tell her hello when I email her next!

    Cindy, whether you’re aiming for 30K or 50, I’m delighted to have you in it for a Febnowrimo! Yay!

  • Mikaela

    I wont join you in the Febnowrimo thing. I’ll just keep you company in the war room while working on revising the short story :D.