A Year in the Life: Week 14


This week on the Year of the Life of a Writer: short stories! novels! vacation! …one of those things is not like the other, eh?

Writing: Finished a not-so-short-stort for AFTERMATH, the final Old Races collection, which means that collection is done in good time for its August 1 release date. Yay!

Then I had these grandiose plans of writing AN ENTIRE NOVEL (a short one, but a novel) during vacation. Ahahaha. 🙂 Still, I got 10K written on it. But it was bothering me: it felt too slow, even though I kept looking at it and it was mostly following the structure I wanted. After a while I figured out I’d gotten too far off track in adding some character history/development for someone who didn’t really need it. So I struck that out (saved it for later, though, in case I get a chance to use it) and revised, which I think has really helped the flow of the story. Brought the book back up to 10K, and am pretty satisfied with that.

Then in an attempt to finish the Kickstarter project, I wrote–well, one short story. I have another to do, but it was one of those nice shots where I did 4200 words, a whole story, in one day. So 20K written. Not bad for a vacation, really. 🙂

I can hear some of you going “…not much of a vacation, dude,” but in a lot of ways this is part of the job: taking the time you can get to write, when you can get it. This is *especially* what you have to do if you’re coming into the game: grab every moment you can to write. (Sadly I’ve found this a hard habit to break, but nothing’s perfect. :))

Work That Isn’t Writing: None! I’ve been on vacation! 🙂


3 comments to A Year in the Life: Week 14

  • Hepseba ALHH

    Well, even if you’ve been writing the whole time, your post has four smiley faces, so you must be on vacation! Happy vacationing!

  • Razziecat

    Wow, that’s more productive than I’ve been in…er, a while (ducks head in shame)…I am off next week and hoping to spend as much time as I can writing. I’ll be alone in the house except for the furry companions, so very few distractions, and it’s too hot to do much outside. We shall see how it goes! 🙂

  • Catie, I take that kind of vacation too. I finally took an *entire week off* from writing this spring and did nothing related to writing. It was fantastic!