Magical Words Link Roundup 2-2-2017

Finishing the book can seem like such a step forward! Pop the champagne! But then the author sits down to contemplate publishing. Oh, the thorny questions!

Following President Donald Trump’s executive order suspending refugee admission to the U.S. and restricting immigration from seven Muslim countries, a number of literary agents from separate agencies have announced a collective open call for submissions by Muslim writers.

Denis Villeneuve has said that adapting Dune is his dream, but that it would never happen. Now he’s been officially hired to make the first in a series of Dune movies for Legendary Pictures. This is the man who made “Arrival”, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

The world is already scary, especially these days, but let me destroy your dreams a little more – nightmare monsters in science fiction!

Cat Rambo has opened registration for her class on writing steampunk and weird westerns, but don’t take too […]

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Making Money Mondays — a Day Late and a Dollar Investment

Yes, I know it isn’t Monday, but Misty kindly announced the *Big News* yesterday and that gave me another day to put this together. That news? The e-anthology TRIALS, to be followed soon by TRIBULATIONS, went up for pre-order on Monday.

Making money means an investment — in time, creativity, sweat equity, and sometimes an outlay of money. To invest money in the book/e-book market, you have to have a clear goal(s) in mind, a plan for recouping the outlay, the ability to put it all together, and a way to advertise. You also need the right people (writers, editors, publisher, PR person). All this has been covered by others in previous *How to Anthology* posts, so I am avoiding going over well-trod ground. Instead, I want to tell a little about my decision making process for these anthologies — the answers to why I did all this.

The Rogue […]

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An Editor’s Thought

Last week we chose the stories for Lawless Lands from the open submissions. It was a hard experience – we received over 300 stories, and there were far more great stories than we could possibly fit into one anthology. Honestly, the turnout was incredible and the quality was high.

The experience was also painful. Several stories were submitted by people I know and call friends. People who are good writers and sent us good stories. People that I would have been delighted to publish for their first time. But we didn’t choose them. Because for one reason or another, their stories didn’t quite impress us as much as other stories did, or their stories were too much like other stories that were just a little bit better, or their stories might have needed more editing than others.

The rejection notices went out last Tuesday, and since then, I’ve been […]

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The Rogue Mage is back!

Lore Seekers Press is pleased to announce the release for preorder of the first of two e-book anthologies, to be followed by a trade paperback omnibus set in the world of Faith Hunter’s Rogue Mage series.

The Rogue Mage world began long ago, when the epic battle between the High Host and the Darkness was won and lost. Now, nine writers—including Faith Hunter herself—take fans of Thorn St. Croix into the past, before the opening pages of BLOODRING. These stories, set in Faith Hunter’s Rogue Mage world, are adventures with new characters and old, facing dangers unimaginable. And they must save the world all over again.

If you ever wondered what happened between seraphs, kylen, second-unforeseen, mages, seraph-touched, spawn, dragons and their creatures, and humans before the series, now is your chance to delve deeper and wider. The ebook TRIALS presents twenty-one vignettes and short stories. TRIALS will be […]

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Carolina Renaissance Festival Fun!

Over the last weekend, several of us gathered to celebrate Time Travellers Weekend at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. We sold books, talked to readers and had a lovely couple of days surrounded by people of all kinds who were having fun together. As I said to a friend yesterday, if only the real world could be as warm and welcoming as the fake Renaissance.


Nicole Givens Kurtz and me!









Ed McKeown and Janine Spendlove (as Snow White!)




Kim Harrison dropped by for a quick visit!



Lord Superman (aka Ron Garner) and Lady Wonder Woman (Janine Spendlove) spent Sunday with us!







We are Groot.


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The New Magical Words!

Hey beloveds!

Some of you are just dropping by for the first time, and others have been with us from the beginning. Those of you who’ve been around for a while know that we’ve gone through a few changes over the years. Well, we’re making a big change now.

Instead of a scheduled rote of blog posts, we’re going to move to a more open-ended style. Your favorite writers are still going to post here, but in addition to their posts, we’ll be including a daily round-up of links to articles that might be interesting to you, our readers. Over the next few weeks, we’ll also be including posts by guests of the site, opportunities for in-person visits at cons and book signings, interviews, links to podcasts and book reviews, too. We’ll be changing the look of the site a little, with a new banner. But don’t panic – we […]

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Explaining the No

Back in June, we opened submissions for the upcoming Weird West anthology, Lawless Lands, from Falstaff Books. We’ve had a lot of stories roll in, some of them great, some of them okay, and some of them pretty terrible. Yeah, I said ‘terrible’. Despite all the advice we here on Magical Words (as well as lots of other writing sites all over the net) have offered over the years, there are some writers who are just NOT. GETTING. IT. And that breaks my heart. As an editor, what I hope to find every time I open a story file is that incredible story, the one that makes me race through to the end and then read it again because it was that good. The one that leaves me in tears because it touched me so deeply. THAT story. But sometimes writers send in pieces that make me stare at the […]

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