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Gotta-Getta-God Primer

I can be subtle, really I can. (Waiting for the laughter to die down.) So you might not have noticed how excited I am about the release of KICKING IT, an anthology of all new stories by real powerhouses in urban fantasy who were kind enough to invite me along. I was thrilled to do a story in my Latter-Day Olympians world because a) I love it and b) I got to torture my heroine by putting her in silver booty-shorts and Plexiglas stiletto heels. She’s now out for my blood, but if you read the story, I think you’ll find it a worthy trade-off.

Those of you who haven’t read my Latter-Day Olympians series (BAD BLOOD, CRAZY IN THE BLOOD and RISE OF THE BLOOD, with BATTLE FOR THE BLOOD forthcoming in 2014) might not know that it involves Greek gods running around in contemporary [...]

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The Great Agent Hunt

Lucienne DiverLucienne Diver

Lucienne Diver talks about the right ways to find an agent. [...]

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The Role of Agents in the Modern Publishing Landscape

Lucienne DiverLucienne Diver

I was asked to do a talk this past weekend on the role of agents in the modern publishing world, and it seemed like a great blog post topic as well, so I figured that since my notes were already prepared…

In many, many ways, an agent’s role hasn’t changed at all from when I first entered the business over twenty years ago. We’re still authors’ advocates—first, last and always. We’re still business managers and advisors, negotiators and networkers. But to be specific, here are some of the things we do and some of the ways in which are roles have changed and expanded.

Agents still read submissions and fall in love with books we want to champion. We still read synopses, partials and fulls for our authors, providing feedback and critique, sometimes through multiple iterations of the material, whether we’re preparing these works for submission or publication. We guide [...]

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Defining Moments

Lucienne DiverLucienne Diver

On a DragonCon panels not so long ago, I was asked a question that really made me think. (I love those!) “What three things do you absolutely have to know about your character to write him or her?”

My answer, as it turns out, wasn’t difficult to come up with: nature, nurture and the pivotal moments that divert life’s trajectory for good or ill. As for the first, all parents, aunts, uncles, etc. know that a child has a personality even before he or she is verbal—fussy, happy, tentative or trusting, demanding or easygoing, outgoing or shy. My son, for example, was a born extravert. He was flirting with girls by making eyes at them or simply grabbing their hands as if to declare “mine” from the time he was a babe in arms. Once he could walk, we called him “the ambassador” because whenever we were out in public, [...]

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Wherein No One is Safe

Lucienne DiverLucienne Diver

I won’t lie to you, today’s post is inspired by three really amazing books that are hitting the stands today:

GATED by Amy Christine Parker, about a girl who grows up in a cult and finds herself dangerously at odds with the leader as the “end times” approach. A debut YA thriller from Random House Children’s.

TERMINATED by Rachel Caine, about a woman kept “alive” by a crazy dangerous drug that various groups want to control and engineer for deadly fun and profit. The really amazing conclusion to the Revivalist series from Roc Books.

BITING BAD by Chloe Neill, about a woman who was turned into a vampire against her will and now stands Sentinel for her people, which means putting herself between the Master of her House and any danger that comes his way. In this installment of the Chicagoland Vampires series from NAL, this means anti-vampire riots erupting [...]

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Thanks, Mr. Hart

Lucienne DiverLucienne Diver

So, I’m stalling, because I know I have to write a piece for Magical Words for today and I have absolutely no ideas. Nada. Zilch. Not because I don’t have a lot to say. (Just try to shut me up.) But because I’ve done so many blogs and articles and talks at this point that I feel I’ve said it all.

I’m playing around with ideas. Maybe I’ll have Tori Karacis, my PI who can literally stop men in their tracks, aka the heroine of my Latter-Day Olympians series, interview me in a shameless self-promotional gambit. (Plug: the second in the series, Crazy in the Blood, comes out in print in July and the third, Rise of the Blood, releases in digital in September.)

I can hear it now:

Tori: Hey, chicky, so you went to Greece and all I got was this lousy book? (See Rise of [...]

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How Not to Write Like a Psychopath

Lucienne DiverLucienne Diver

So, I was reading the book WITHOUT CONSCIENCE while I was traveling to the London Book Fair last month because, as many of you may know, I have a strange fascination for psychopathy. (Not for the reasons you might think — wait, what do you think? The mind boggles.) But because the closest evidence I can find for the existence of the soul is that some people are so clearly born without one.

What on earth does any of this have to do with writing, you may ask. Well, strangely, I found myself flagging a couple of sections for this very blog: “How Not to Write Like a Psychopath.” One section in particular that caught my attention was when the author, Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. was quoting a psychopath asked to describe fear: “I notice that the teller shakes or becomes tongue-tied. One barfed over the money. She must [...]

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