Hump-Day Help: …Untitled…


It’s a horrible word, is it not? What it stands for is even more so. Especially when it comes to hating oneself. This, in and of itself, is the most damaging in my opinion.

You might wonder what prompts this train of thought. Well, two things. ONE, a panel from the convention this past weekend and TWO, my day yesterday.

First let’s talk about the panel. It was late on Friday night, and John, myself, Darin, and Melissa were behind the table facing anxious folks in the room who were likely wondering what I was: “Where would this panel take us?” It’d never been done before but it was time, or rather, past time that we had one like this.

Prompted by the suicide of a fellow author, Logan Masterson, John Hartness (who writes here on MW) proposed the panel, and it would address the big pink elephant in […]

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Hump-Day Help: Workshops and Panels and Banners Oh My!

Today’s post isn’t so much “help” as info on when/where I’ll be doing said help IN PERSON…that’s right…I’m takin’ this show on the road! Read onward and see what I mean…


It’s that time of year again!


And as always, it begins with…

This year I’m doing something new at ConCarolinas …


That’s right, I’m teaching a 2-day workshop with the ever talented and entertaining Brian Halloway called…

Beginner Steps to Making Your Artistic Passion More Than a Hobby

What is it? Well, here you go…

A two-day panel/workshop (1-hr Friday/1-hr Saturday) where the first steps are laid out for you on taking that artistic love to the next level. Day one will revolve around the concept of branding, online presence, and the importance of your […]

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Hump-Day Help: 3 Things We Can Learn From Marvel’s Civil War


I know what I want to talk to you about today, but my migraine is making it hard for me to use the English language so I’m going to try to used those things called words and see how I do.

Anyway, as you’ve guessed by now, this post is brought to you by…

That’s right…I’m gonna talk about the movie WITHOUT SPOILERS! The things I’m going to mention are public knowledge from even before the movie came out so…if you’ve not seen the movie, you are safe to continue reading.

Now, why is this post brought to you by a movie? Well, a post on FB yesterday about this movie got me to thinking about character and the reasons they exist in your story.

As […]

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Hump-Day Help: Breaking up with FOMO

I honestly had no idea what I was going to write about today until I hit “Add New Post.” Such is my life as of late. Ha! I’m actually stealing from my own life and one of my best writing pals advice today. So let’s hear it for Alexis Daria, one of the most awesome people I know AND the best person brought into my life here in NYC when I swapped my 2nd job from Theatre to Writing. She’s also the cover designer for both of my short stories, FYI (Which I get compliments on at every convention). Her website is HERE.

So…what are we going to jump over today, on Hump-Day Help? And WTH is “FOMO”? Why should you break up with him/her? You see, I like to think of FOMO as the significant other who hangs on you and smothers you. Who’s a bad influence on you.


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Hump-Day Help: Disconnect to Connect

As some of you know, I just spent 11 days in New Mexico. I flew back in on Monday night and am now, Wednesday at 2pm, finding a moment to type up my helping post and I’m gonna wing it today, because my head is still a bit foggy and my heart is still in NM (evident by the photos I’ve chosen to share on this post).

While I was there, I had almost no internet or cell service. I had enough internet at breakfast on the last 5 days of the trip to post photos but not video and I had cell service in small bursts but nothing solid, ever. Note: If you move to NM, don’t use switch to Verizon if you don’t have it already, because Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T were not great.

However, no connection to the outside world for that long helped keep my head […]

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Hump-Day Help: The EVIL “Send” Button

Writer: “I love this story, it’s so great! It’s got female pirates who kick much booty!” (I’m trying to keep the language clean here, shush!)

Writer’s supportive friend: “So cool!”

*Writer hovers over the Evil SEND button for about 30 seconds, then hits it fast (so as to get it over with) and off the story goes to the publisher/editor/etc.*

—5 seconds later—

Writer: “That story is utter shite! The construct probably won’t work, there’s not enough description, and I didn’t go the normal route with timeline…”

Writer’s supportive friend: “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Writer: “No, it’s utter shite. Trust me. I wrote it.”


Why is it that the minute we hit the send button the piece of work we’ve labored over for months (or years) goes from something we feel is worthy of […]

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Hump-Day Help: Words Words Words!

One of the things we do as writers is to take our readers on a journey. We want them to get lost in the world we build and caught up in the characters we create. One of the best ways to do these things is to verbally paint a picture that they can, like Mary Poppins, step into and get lost in. Our medium for this magic are words. Colorful ones, and I don’t mean the four-letter kind. 😉

Mentioning Mary Poppins (the Penguin Dance!) makes me thing of the word, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (obviously) and THAT one is a bit much. So, even though I’m about to encourage you to use more colorful words (not THOSE kind, stop it!), you don’t want to be so colorful that you overdue and readers roll their eyes and get pulled from your story/chalk drawing. You need to have a balance, […]

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