Catching up with Ms. Silver

Hello! How is everyone? Can you believe it’s December already? Or that Christmas is less than a month away? I know I can’t! Time seems to have flown by (and some of that is due to all the presidential elections stuff, but we won’t go into that here and now) and it dawned on me that I’ve had a lot going on and not posted a darn thing here.

SO…much like how Misty will do a MW Link Round-Up, I’m going to do a Tamsin Silver Link Round-Up!

October 25, 2016 – Book Birthday for WE ARE NOT THIS! Carolina Writers for Equality.

My first short story to be published by someone other than me! SQUEE! It’s called, The Color of Love, and I’m a sincerely honored to be in this amazing anthology that supports the LGBTQ Community both in NC and the world, really, for we’re all connected. In […]

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Hump-Day Help: Dragon Con is coming!

I’m in New Mexico with no cell service and no internet 99% of the time so I apologize how late this is going up. That said…

So many people do not go to Dragon Con in Atlanta because it is expensive. This is true. I was in the hole $600 last year and stayed that way until I got my income tax return. Many will see our posts tomorrow as we all journey forth to Georgia (my post included…you know, once I have internet or cell service…for I’m in NM at the moment) and be jealous and upset and I’m hear to tell you to not be.

Not that Dragon Con is not worth the money or the time, it is, but your financial health and the ability to eat and pay for shelter is just as important. If you can’t go this year and are sincerely upset, then sit […]

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Hump-Day Help: Have You Lost Your Natural Creative Instincts?

As many of you who read me regularly know, I often find connections between my previous artistic career (Theatre) and my current one (Writing) and talk about it. Today will be no different EXCEPT I want your feedback! Ok? So…here we go…

I was doing Sunday brunch here in the city, as you do, and due to my company for breakfast, the conversation revolved around acting school, college, etc. This was because a good friend (we’ll call him Bob) of mine was visiting who holds an MFA in Theatre (amongst other degrees and certifications) and we’d met up with an ex-student of his (we’ll call him James) to eat before seeing Paramour. Thus, I got the honor of sitting in on their conversation. During which, something was said that sat with me hard.

James has been quite successful in the city since moving here and Bob asked him a poignant […]

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Hump-Day Help: Rejection isn’t Failure

Rejection sucks. There is no doubt about it. And people tell you to not have a thin skin and move on…but for some that’s really hard. I started auditioning for shows at the age of 11. If I were to count all the shows I didn’t get cast in between then and when I hung my theatre hat up for awhile, we’d be here all day. And I’ll let you in on a secret, there were times I cried over not being cast…and I’m talking as a young adult, not when I was 11. It’s your passion and you want to be good at it, so to be told you don’t fit what they want for a show, it crushes you.

But here’s the thing…I auditioned for the next thing and the next and the next, and you know what? I started getting cast more. Part of that came from […]

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Hump-Day Help: Character Core

I got into a debate with a few people about 2 weeks ago on character. This was brought about by a well known character from a 70’s TV show being altered in a 2016 movie reboot. Y’all likely know who I mean but I’d rather we not state it so we don’t attract trolls or fan fanatics/purists to come yell at me.

After I had this discussion, where I kept using the words “character core,” I thought about what that means. I specifically pondered on how it relates to things like, changes that occur when stories go from books to screen, about Fan Fiction, and about editing. For example, if someone changes things about your character, is it still your character? I think it is, IF they leave their core the same.

But what is that? What do I mean when I say a character’s “core”? I am talking about […]

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Hump-Day Help: Advice From the Doers! (Part II)


As promised, part two of the advice I gathered from the doers in the business, be it writing, acting, producing, editing, and so on, is here for you today.

If you would like to read Part I first, you can find it HERE.

Part II now, comin’ at ya…starting with one of my favorite people; someone I’ve known since he was a teen (in an adult’s body), the Super-Tall, Super-Talented, Mark Rose (Stunt Coordinator for Skye of the Damned, my web series)…


This can be a hard business. The most important thing, I think, is: BE PROFESSIONAL. Your reputation is just as important as being good. Be nice to everyone because you never know who will be in a place to give you a job in the future. Don’t get in the way of someone else doing their job, and make your superior look good by following direction […]

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Hump-Day Help: Advice From the Doers! (Part I)

Welcome to the last June edition of Hump-Day Help! Today I’m going to share with you some awesome words of wisdom…but they’re not really from me.

So before I set out for ConCarolinas, where I was to teach a class on the beginning steps of turning a hobby into a career (which we’ve talked about here on MW a lot, so I’ll not rehash except to say that what I mean is, “Hey, you need a website, and social media presence, and business cards, and…” so on and so forth) I asked friends of mine IN the business of writing/editing OR acting/directing/producing what advice they would give someone going into their field. Today I am going to share the first half of the information they sent me. The second half will be in July.

Why? Because I have around 3400 words of advice and writer/actor/editor info to share! YAY! And […]

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