Magical Words Link Roundup 5-15-2017

Are you coming to ConCarolinas? We’d be tickled to see you! The schedule is ready to peruse, and we still have a badge just waiting for you!

Speaking of ConCarolinas, we’re thrilled to have the full cast of Authors & Dragons as our guests this year. Their latest episode just dropped, so give it a listen.

If geekdom was never coded as hyper-white, why then is there such a loud resistance to the inclusion of non-white, non-male, non-binary, and non-heterosexual stories and characters?

A common bit of advice given to writers is that story comes first; everything else comes second. With respect to fantasy, this advice is often employed to warn against the dangers of falling down the rabbit hole of world building.

Star Trek: The Original Series presented an entirely unique world to dazzled audiences in the 1960s. Each week, we discovered new aliens, distant green planets, […]

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Party Talk!

Welcome back to the Party! Pour yourself a drink and join the conversation. The writers are all answering the question, “What’s one way you’ve always wanted to kill off a character, but haven’t been able to use in a story yet?”

Faith Hunter I’ve killed off characters in every way except dropping them out of a plane or shooting them out of the space station. I’ll likely never do the space station one, but watch for the bouncer…. It’s coming.

Diana Pharaoh Francis Attacked and killed by were-pigs. Actually, I tend to find ways to kill people creatively as I desire to kill them, so I don’t usually come up with ways to kill in advance. In a just finished book, I killed someone by dropping gargoyles with giant penises on her. Yes. I did that.

Gail Martin I’ve pretty much indulged all my fantasies—have you noticed the body count […]

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Magical Words Link Roundup 5/10/2017

Okay, fine, we weren’t going to do this, but here we go…

Countless panels, articles, and even conferences have been dedicated to exploring the causes and effects of this lack of diversity. Yet one key piece of the puzzle remained a question mark: diversity among publishing staff.

Science fiction publishing has a major race problem; new report shows more than half of all science fiction magazines failed to publish fiction from black authors in 2015

Knowing it’s the depression talking doesn’t make it stop. Knowing the self-recriminations are a trap doesn’t stop them from pulling you down.

The desperate, confused mess that was Sleepy Hollow is no more. Fox has officially canceled the show after four seasons.

If you’re looking for more space operas featuring action, adventure, and a compelling cast of characters, these eight books like Guardians of the Galaxy are sure to hook you.

So what can […]

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Magical Words Link Roundup 5-9-2017

Orlando Jones has long loved Neil Gaiman’s sci-fi/fantasy classic “American Gods.” So when the “Sleepy Hollow” star heard a daring adaptation would bring its road-trip tale of warring gods to television, he took to Twitter to publicly campaign for the role of the charming but unnerving Mr. Nancy/Anansi.

Why would aliens even bother with Earth?

Every story has characters that we favour and love; the ones we root for throughout. We want them to succeed, we want them to win. Then there are the characters we love to hate.

Albuquerque based Duke City Comic Con is scheduled to take place this weekend, but just over the last few days the con has managed to get itself in hot water.

NASA is reviewing 12 different proposals for an uncrewed mission to explore the solar system sometime in the next decade.

In this week’s episode of American Gods, Starz’s new […]

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Magical Words Link Roundup 5-8-2017

“You’re off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters!” – Captain Barbossa

The fact remains the same, no matter how old you are, you are not to old to become a writer. Many authors started publishing quite late in life.

Today, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter filed eight felony charges and one misdemeanor charge against Ryan and Richard Tate, respectively CEO and founder of vanity publisher Tate Publishing & Enterprises, for alleged fraudulent business practices.

Do you keep submitting your books to bloggers, but are yet to have them reply with a ‘yes, I’d be happy to review it?’

What would happen if we were suddenly exposed to deadly bacteria and viruses that have been absent for thousands of years, or that we have never met before?

From the original Star Trek to modern films like Elysium, screenwriters and directors have imagined utopian or dystopian worlds where […]

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Magical Words Link Roundup 5-4-2017

We’ve seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all individually do battle with the evil that plagues Netflix’s corners of the Marvel Universe. Now, for the first time we get a look at all four of them fighting together as the Defenders they were destined to become.

Good teachers impact their students in all kinds of meaningful ways. They can ignite a spark of creativity, jump-start excitement and motivation, help kids discover their talents, and draw out their sense of self-confidence. Years later, these gifts can still be felt.

Oh, the characters we love to hate! Writing a horrible antagonist is great fun for an author.

In “The Clues to My Crime,” authors explain the influences behind their latest works of crime fiction. In this installment, A. J. Hartley tells us about the things that inspired Firebrand, his latest work of YA fiction, from Terry Pratchett to […]

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Magical Words Link Roundup 4-3-2017

Black Girl Nerds discusses American Gods and the realities of race.

BrokenEye Books is open to submissions for their next anthology: Welcome to Miskatonic University, an anthology of modern-day weird tales set in good ol’ MU.

Fairy stories (and some of the retellings!) develop their own history, which is not always the history of that tale. Sometimes it’s not even close.

J K Rowling apologizes for killing Snape.

“I love you” are pretty powerful words to say—and to hear. But there are usually a lot of words before your characters hear those words, and maybe even more words before they believe them.

Lawless Lands contributor Nicole Givens Kurtz moderated an entertaining panel on Weird Westerns during Ravencon 2017.

Hagrid has a drinking problem.

This little editorial is meant to set some of the misconceptions about writing and being an author straight.

Batman is one of the most […]

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