Party Talk!

We’re all at different points on our life journeys, but every single one of us is an adult and has lived through some serious stuff. Today the writers are kicked back with a good bottle of bourbon and talking about what they would tell their younger selves, if they had the chance.

Misty Massey You’re 21 and just out of college. Start writing now. Don’t wait until life has a chance to beat you into believing you can’t. (And while you’re at it, you might want to reconsider the friends you’re hanging with right now. Trust me.)

Edmund Schubert Don’t do it! Run! Or else do it 100%. But don’t ever waste your time half-assing it.

Gail Z Martin Start sooner and hang in there—it finally does happen.

Melissa McArthur It’d be okay to move to New York. Go for the internships. Make your career in publishing, not education. […]

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Magical Words Link Roundup 3-23-2017

Ever wanted to go on a writing retreat? Here are ten options (sorry, guys, these are for women only.)

Most con experiences are great fun for everyone involved. But when they go bad, don’t doubt that we’ll talk about them.

John Scalzi said, “I am a cockroach. I aspire to be a cockroach. But in all honesty, what that means is that as a writer, you have to recognize that nothing lasts and things change, that there’s no one time in the history of publishing where everything was one way, and then all of a sudden there was change. It’s always changing.”

Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist has a lot of issues in its mixed first season—but among the muddled mess, there already lies a diamond in the rough, a hero the show was desperately looking for. It’s not Danny Rand, the Living Weapon. It’s Colleen Wing, the […]

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Magical Words Link Roundup 3-22-2017

Don’t forget – if you’re in the Charlotte NC area, come out tonight to Park Road Books to see some of the writers of Cinched! And wear your corset if you’re so inclined!

Most worldbuilding mistakes we see over and over again come from lazy storytellers who create worlds as an afterthought. But a few mistakes persist even in worlds built with considerable time and effort. These are mistakes of oversight: the worldbuilder just didn’t remember to think about everything critically.

It’s all too common to turn on the news or look at Twitter and then spend the rest of the day staring into the abyss, suffering from a kind of horrified paralysis…There are fantastic reads out there that will remind you that life is about more than suffering.

In today’s current climate of untruths, intolerance, and ignorance, it’s becoming clear that libraries are essential, now more than ever.

I […]

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Magical Words Link Roundup 3-21-2017

Tomorrow night (Wed, March 22) at 7 pm, come and join us at Park Road Books for a group signing of Cinched! John Hartness, Gail Martin, Misty Massey and more! We hope we see you there!

This blog is for you if: You are an unpublished writer of fantasy fiction You take your writing work seriously You are aiming for traditional publishing, not self-publishing.

There’s something both unsettling and compelling about a story set in a slightly different version of the present day. It’s that sense of things being inherently altered, which makes even the most familiar elements ever-so-slightly — or more than slightly — alien.

Hans Hirschi said, “When I wrote about my frustrations last week, nothing was further from my mind than reviews, yet it’s all people talk about.”

So, you’ve attended a critique group and need to know what to do with the feedback. First, and foremost, […]

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Magical Words Link Roundup 3-20-2017

Climate Fiction, or Cli-Fi, is a growing branch of science-fiction literature that deals with the effects of climate change on human society. Looking to dive in? Here are few suggestions to get you started.

Fantasy Literature is wondering what place in a fantasy/sci-fi setting you’d pick to go to for some blissful, rejuvenating solitude. Not necessarily the place you’d most like to go, not necessarily the most beautiful or most exciting, but the place where “peace comes dropping slow,” the place you’d choose to get away from the hurly-burly of the world.

Mary Doria Russell says, “Technically, novelists can make up anything they please, but getting things right is important to me, particularly when writing historical novels.”

Kim Harrison talks about being in the zone.

If you find yourself the protagonist of a science fiction or fantasy series, besieged by dark magics or insane AIs, you’d better hope you’re lucky. […]

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Party Talk!

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone! Okay, actually I did ask our writers to gather around and tell us “Have you ever hidden any secrets in your books that only a few people will find? Can you share one with us?”

Tamsin Silver I have! In fact, there are a lot of things I drop in stories that are hidden things for certain people or just for fans of the Urban Fantasy culture. To keep this short, I’ll only give examples from my newest published work, a short in the Rogue Mage Anthology (TRIALS), called Mettilwynd. 1) 90% of the dates and character names were all chosen for specific reasons, they are not random and the names have meanings important to the story. 2) There are line tributes in the story taken from something in pop-culture that are intentionally placed for multiple reasons. 3) The Fort Cornwallis in George Town, Penanag (where […]

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Magical Words Link Roundup 3-16-2017

Horror is related to Science Fiction and Fantasy. Yes, it’s its own entity, but it’s related via Surrealism. Sometimes they’re so closely related that it’s difficult to separate one from the other.

Are you a fan of Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy or Horror? Would you like special access to e-galleys, author interactions, and swag? If so, the Harper Voyager US team invites you to apply to become a “Harper Voyager” super reader!

Nebula Award-winning science fiction writer Nnedi Okorafor wrote a book in 2007 called The Shadow Speaker. The story followed its protagonist ― a Muslim girl named Ejii, who the author described as “black skinned” ― through Niger in 2070. So Okorafor was understandably unhappy when her publisher suggested putting a white woman on the book’s cover.

There’s a scene near the middle of The Emperor’s Blades in which a class of Kettral cadets, ultra-elite warriors who fly […]

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