World Building with Character Keeper


Todd Massey here with a little additional help on using the Magical Words free writing software Character Keeper to help you keep track of your worlds.

Character Keeper can be used for more than just keeping track of your characters. To put it simply, your worlds, cities, villages etc, are also characters and you can use Character Keeper in the same way as you would to keep notes on your world building.

In the image capture below I have created an example of just one way you might set it up.

Using Character Keeper for World Building

Using Character Keeper for World Building

I have a “Character” with the name of Arcadia. Arcadia is actually going to be my world where lots of different stories will take place.

I have created other “characters” that will appear in a book called River Tales. These “characters” are actually places up and down the Sora River and Pandua River.

Some places are docks, a village, or city and I can go into each character and outline or detail as I see fit so that I have my notes at hand for each of these places located along the river.

Now, as I said, this is just one example of a way to use the different categories in Character Keeper for world building notes. You can easily use the categories any way that suits you.


3 comments to World Building with Character Keeper

  • Interesting. I hadn’t though of doing it that way. I finally broke down and gave all my world building the “Last Name” of World Building so I can have a filter set up to bring forward all the “characters” of each series/story and then sort if by last name so almost all my world building is at the bottom. I still haven’t figured out a good way to link locations, but I hadn’t thought of breaking each location down so far.


  • I like it, Todd. I can see how this works.
    I sooo wish I’d had this program when I started the Jane Yellowrock series. Now I have to go through and transfer material…. Not earth shattering, I know, but still a PITA.

  • Seven

    I would use this, but what annoys me is that I cannot rename the categories “category”, “subcategory” etc. Might as well go back to excel…