Where We’ll Be


Back when Magical Words was first being tossed around as an idea, we figured we’d collect a few loyal readers and the occasional lurker.  We truly didn’t expect the amazing response we’ve had!  And we certainly would never have guessed that we’d need to plan get-togethers for MW fans at cons, yet that’s exactly what has happened.  The first one was held at ConCarolinas last spring, and we had a ball meeting and talking with everyone who could be there, so I know we’d love to have more of these get-togethers whenever we can.  Until now our readers have had to check all our individual websites to know where we’ll be, which can be confusing.  We’ve decided it’s time we have a schedule page on MW.

At the very top of the page, you’ll now see that it says “Where We’ll Be”.  Click on it for continually updated schedules for all the MW regulars.  If we have special MW get-togethers planned, we’ll include that as well.

Thanks for making MW such a fun place for us to play!  It wouldn’t be what it is without our wonderful readers, and we look forward to meeting every single one of you!


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