Welcome to the New Magical Words!


We’ve been hoping to revamp the look of the site for a while now, and most of you have probably already noticed the changes.  There’s still a little tweaking happening behind the scenes, so don’t be surprised if you keep seeing new things pop up over the next few days.  The biggest change is in the lineup.  As I hope you’ve read, we’ve welcomed back our friend and one of the original MW posters, Catie Murphy.  Catie had to leave us for a while due to personal and professional concerns, but she’s back, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  She’ll be posting on the first and third Thursday of every month.  Kalayna Price will be taking the second and fourth Thursdays, leaving Saturdays open for the occasional special guest, announcement or wacky fun post.   David, Misty and Faith will remain on their usual days, and Ed and AJ will continue sharing Fridays.

But what about Diana Pharaoh Francis, Carrie Ryan, Mindy Klasky and Lucienne Diver, our once-a-month posters?  Never fear, gentle readers, we would never let them go without a fight.  Di, Carrie, Mindy and Lucienne will be taking David, Misty and Faith’s places once a month on a rotating schedule.  Di will start us off this coming Monday while David is away. 

As always, you, our readers, are welcome to make suggestions as to ways the site can serve you better.  We’re here for you!


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