Special Signing Event!


Hey folks, we wanted to let you know that David B Coe, Faith Hunter and Misty Massey, joined by their friend Gail Z Martin, will be signing books and chatting with fans (and each other!) on Thursday, May 28 at the Carolina Place Barnes & Noble. The festivities begin at 7 pm, so come on out! This is in conjunction with ConCarolinas, so if you’ve been trying to decide whether you should come to the Con, maybe we can convince you that you should.

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Post it on your blog. Put a sandwich-board sign on your dog when you walk him. Whatever it takes…we’re shameless, and we’d love to see a crowd. *grin*


2 comments to Special Signing Event!

  • [dialing in (literally) from the backcountry]
    If you do the sandwich board thing, take pics!
    I’ll put them up at my website (snerk)

  • Beatriz



    I hope I can find a way to fit this into my very busy schedule. 😉