Magical Words Roundup 09-22-2016


If you need a site to help you meet your writing goals, you can try Pacemaker.

My friends Emily Lavin Leverett and Sarah Joy Adams have a new book out: Changeling’s Fall. from Falstaff Books! Deor’s grandmother told her that her long-lost father was more than just another deadbeat dad – he was a faerie, and she’s a Changeling, half-human, half-fae. Now Deor has to rush to Faerie in search of her missing father before his magical parting gift kills her.

People You Might See At A Con

Compulsion Games is hiring.

Joshua Palmatier continues his wonderful series on creating an anthology with Step Three: Funding. (Don’t forget to take a look at his latest Kickstarter, for Robots, Water and Death!)

To The Shelves offers tips for Chapter Endings that will pull your readers forward.

Our own David B Coe has a guest post on Gail Martin’s Disquieting Visions. Go read what he has to say about Turning Back to Epic Fantasy!


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