Magical Words Roundup 09-21-2016


Joshua Palmatier’s series on creating anthologies continues with Step Two: Authors

Chuck Wendig tells how to Finish That $^&ing Book!
Warning: he uses naughty grown-up words. A lot of them.

I once tried to write a scene in which a character had a shoulder knocked out of joint, but I had only ever seen it happen in movies. Then my husband suffered that injury, and I learned how wrong I was. offers a few more tips on Violence You’re Picturing Wrong, Thanks To Movies.

Want to see some of your favorite Magical Words people? Come out on Saturday September 24 to Con2, a minicon at the Cabarrus County Library!

Stephen King compares Donald Trump to Cthulhu. Cthulhu is offended.

Slippery Words’ Joelle Reizes interviews Patricia Briggs.

Rachel Aaron shares Three Strategies to Creating a Better Fictional World

Remember the Geek Gala I mentioned yesterday? They’re holding a Flash Fiction contest! But don’t wait – the deadline is Friday, the 23!


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