Lawless Lands is Live!


I’m so excited to announce that the Lawless Lands Kickstarter is live! We’re thrilled to bring you a collection of fantastic stories by some of the best speculative fiction writers in the business.

Our authors include Jake Bible, Alexandra Christian, David B Coe, Laura Anne Gilman,
Barb Hendee, Faith Hunter, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Margaret S McGraw, Seanan McGuire,
Devon Monk, Edmund Schubert and more. Laura Anne is giving us a story from the Devil’s West (and if you haven’t read the first book, Silver on the Road, what are you waiting for??) and Devon Monk is revisiting the world of her Cold Iron steampunk Western series (again, get to reading, people!)

There are incredible reward levels, including a chance to have lunch with the editors or with the fabulous Faith Hunter. Go take a look at the campaign, and maybe throw a few bucks our way. We want this project to happen, because the stories we’ve already seen are phenomenal. And hey, if you wouldn’t mind, maybe pass the word to people you know who might be interested? The signal could use some boosting!


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