Free Writing Software Updated


Hi, Todd Massey here posting to let everybody know that the free writing software, Character Keeper, offered by Magical Words has received a huge update.

Thanks to your input here at Magical Words we took your suggestions and folded them into a brand new piece of writing software.

I think you will be surprised at the new power and functionality it offers. It operates on a completely new platform and while that is really good for a lot of reasons, one reason it is bad is it is a .exe program and so Mac users will need an emulator to run it.

But other than that it has been improved tremendously. One of the big requests we received and now have included is a fully functional word processor.

Take a look at these screen shots of the program and see the ease of use and potential creative note keeping you can get out of it.






There is a lot of versatility to this new Character Keeper writing software that can help you find information fast about a character or story line.

Be sure to download this powerful free writing software supported by Magical Words.

Get Character Keeper today (yes, it is free).

Thanks for your readership and contributions to the continued success of Magical Words and your own writing.


4 comments to Free Writing Software Updated

  • Fantastic. Thanks Todd. I’ve really enjoyed using the first version of it – it appeals to my organisation streak!

  • Looks really great, I love the extra options. It looks like it’s a bit more character-oriented now, or am I just not thinking creatively enough? Can I add options alongside Character Details, or will I need to put my world-building notes in, just with different category labels?

    Looking forward to trying this out!

  • Todd

    The categories can be used in any way that achieves your own evil desires. Instead of a character name you can create a world name and then a city name.

    That is also one reason several of the categories were left generic so that you could abuse them at will.

    You are creative people. Just because it says ‘First Name’ does not mean you have to use the first name of a character from you story. You can use that category for any reason you need.